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When you install with Harrisons Solar, they'll design and set up a system that harnesses the sun's rays to help power your home. Then sell back any excess for a big 18 cents per unit! Terms and eligibility criteria apply
They’ll look after the whole process, from designing to installing a quality solar system tailored to your home, as well as guiding you on how to get this offer.
We’ll get you connected
As part of this offer, we’ll get you signed up on a 2 year electricity contract and install an import/export meter for free. Sit back and relax, we’ll arrange this for you during the installation process.
Once you’re setup, the sun will help power your home and help reduce your electricity bill. Then any excess solar you generate, will get sent back to the grid and with this offer you’ll be paid 18 cents per unit!

To get this offer you’d need to have your solar installed with Harrisons Solar and sign up to a 2 year residential electricity contract with Mercury. Once you take up this offer we’ll be in touch to get this organised for you. 18 cents per unit of generation (KWh), maximum 500 units per billing cycle. Rate excludes GST. Terms, eligibility criteria and a early termination fee apply.

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Start your journey with Harrisons Solar. With a trusted reputation among both customers and suppliers, they stand as an industry leader in the field.

They’ll look after the whole process for you, from a consultation to understand your needs and requirements, to designing and installing a quality solar system tailored to your home. As well as taking you through all the steps to get this offer!


Check out our most commonly asked questions on solar, or head over to our FAQs for more help.
What is solar power and how does it work? With solar panels you can turn sunlight into electricity. This electricity can be used in your home, stored in a battery, or exported back to the grid. This export can then be purchased by retailers like Mercury. This is known as buy-back”,distributed generation”,import/export”, or “embedded generation”.
How can I get the 18 cent buy-back rate? You can get this offer by contacting Harrisons Solar and arranging to get your solar installed with them. They'll organise everything else, including having one of our sales agents sign you up on a 2 year residential electricity contract with us and getting an import/export meter installed. 
I’m already a solar customer, can I still get this buy-back rate? If you’ve already got solar with us, you’ll continue getting our standard 8.5 cent solar buy-back rate for any excess power you export back to the grid. The 18 cent buy-back rate is only available to customers who have their solar installed through Harrisons Solar and who sign up on a 2-year residential electricity contract. Terms and eligibility criteria apply.
What is an import/export meter? This is a meter with two registers, one to record the import usage from the network and one to record the export usage to the network. These are also known as buy-back or 2-way meters.
When will my buy-back rates start? The buy-back rates will be applied once your import/export meter is installed, and you begin exporting excess solar. It may take a few weeks for your meter to start communicating, however once it does you’ll be credited for any units you’ve exported back to the grid since your import/export meter has been installed. 


Check out our Help Centre to view more FAQs and tools.