MCY040 Green Bonds.

MCY040 Green Bonds.

Mercury’s Green Bonds trade on the NZX Debt Market under the ticker MCY040.

MCY040 Basics.

MCY040 Basics.

BBB+ issue credit rating by S&P Global Ratings

2.16% interest rate until 29 September 2026

MCY040 Key terms.


Mercury NZ Limited (“Mercury”).


Unsecured, unsubordinated fixed rate green bonds (“Green Bonds”).

Credit Rating.

Issue Credit Rating: BBB+ (Mercury has an Issuer Credit Rating of BBB+).

Issue Amount.

NZ $200m.


5.5 years (maturing 29 September 2026).

Interest Rate.

The Green Bonds will pay a fixed rate of interest from the Issue Date until the Maturity Date. The Interest Rate has been set at 2.16% per annum.

Use of proceeds.

The proceeds of the Green Bonds are intended to be earmarked to finance or refinance new or existing projects and expenditures relating to renewable energy and other eligible projects, in accordance with Mercury’s Green Financing Framework.


More info.

Final Terms Sheet

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Green Financing Framework

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CBI Certificate

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Master Trust Deed

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Supplemental Trust Deed

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Roadshow Presentation

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