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At Mercury we care about the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, our partners, our customers and communities. We seek to constantly improve physical and mental wellbeing. There is not success without safety.


Health, safety and wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility at Mercury, and everyone is actively involved.

Our Board provides strong governance, engaging fully in discussions on health, safety and wellbeing and monitoring our performance to ensure the organisation is delivering on its commitment to everyone going home safe and well each day.

Our management team carries out regular site visits, engage in meaningful safety conversations with staff, contractors and stakeholders and monitors the company’s performance through assessment of safety and wellness information and data.

Working alongside our dedicated Health, Safety and wellbeing team, our business units have the direct responsibility for managing the wellbeing of their staff and contractors, and the people in the community impacted by our operations.

A network of health and safety representatives, across the organisation, have been established to ensure our staff are directly engaged in keeping themselves and their teammates safe and well.

Yellow Mercury branded helmet on a desk.


Keeping healthy and safe is part of our culture, and everyone at Mercury gets involved in reporting hazards, safety observations, near misses and incidents.

We measure health, safety and wellbeing across the business to track our performance. This is measured through safety culture assessments, completion of competency training, regular auditing, action tracking as well as incidents, safety observations and near miss reporting.

We have a strong focus on improving our health and safety culture, developing our leadership capability and managing our health and safety critical risks.


At Mercury, we are strong believers in health, safety and wellbeing. Below are a few ways we keep our people safe and well.

OUR PEOPLE Mercury is committed to making sure everyone knows how to keep themselves and others around them safe and well by providing high quality training and information to all staff.
Our people use an online tool to record and track health and safety audits, events and risks, including a phone app for easy access and real-time reporting.
OUR WORK WITH BUSINESSES We collaborate with other businesses, including those in the electricity industry, to improve health, safety and wellbeing.
We are part of the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum and a founding member of StayLive – an electricity industry safety group that strongly promotes sharing of learning, investigations, initiatives and reporting.

OUR CONTRACTORS We work with a lot of companies, and we are just as committed to keeping those workers safe and well as we are our own people.
For contractors carrying out high risk works, we use robust third-party prequalification processes.
We provide all contractors with clear guidance on our health and safety requirements are before they start.
OUR COMMUNITY Our generation stations are located around many recreational areas accessible by the public. We are committed to keeping people safe near our hydro dams, geothermal stations, wind farms and other sites.
We work closely with local authorities and communities to continually assess and improve safety around sites.

OUR CUSTOMERS The safety and wellbeing of our customers is important to us, and we encourage customers to contact our call centre immediately if they have any concerns about faults associated with their electricity meter, or around support needed for vulnerable customers.
OUR CERTIFICATIONS We are often assessed by external bodies and exceed health and safety standards, as we continually look for improvements.
Our current certifications are ISO9001 Quality Management System; ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and NZS7901 Safety Management System for Public Safety.