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Tapping into the sun's renewable energy can help power your home or business, while saving on your monthly bills.
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We buy back any excess solar you generate at our standard buy-back rate of 8.5 cents per kWh. Terms apply*.

Already have solar, or planning to get it installed? Join us or learn more about the ins and outs of exporting your solar below.

*Solar buy-back rates exclude GST and discounts. Residential and business terms and conditions apply.
As buy-back rates are dependent on lines company charges, there may be some networks such as Orion Network, where the buy-back rate will differ.


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Start your journey with Harrisons Solar, who will design and install a quality solar system tailored to your home.

Plus, with this offer, you can sell back any extra power you generate for a big 18 cents per unit!
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The team at the National Kiwi Hatchery know a thing or two about looking after our most treasured bird, the kiwi. Caring for them from egg, through to releasing them back into the wild.

We're proud to support the hatchery since 2019 in their mission to save kiwi. Recently, during their move to the Rotorua Agrodome we’ve funded a new solar setup and an extra Tesla battery.

This helps look after kiwi at their new home, ensuring they have secure electricity to keep the incubators running and eggs warm even during power outages.

Have a question?

Check out our most commonly asked questions on solar, or head over to our FAQs for more help.
What is solar power and how does it work? With solar panels you can turn sunlight into electricity. This electricity can be used in your home, stored in a battery, or exported back to the grid. This export can then be purchased by retailers like Mercury. This is known as buy-back”,distributed generation”,import/export”, or “embedded generation”.
What do you need to know before you begin exporting? You must have written approval from your lines company, to be able to export power from your property onto their network. You can find your lines company contact details here.
When will my buy-back rates start? The buy-back rates will be applied once your import/export meter is installed, and you begin exporting excess solar. It may take a few weeks for your meter to start communicating, however once it does you’ll be credited for any units you’ve exported back to the grid since your import/export meter has been installed. 
What is an import/export meter? This is a meter with two registers, one to record the import usage from the network and one to record the export usage to the network. These are also known as buy-back or 2-way meters.
Do I need to install a special type of meter for solar? In order for us to record your usage and output, you’ll need to get an import/export meter installed. Once installed, the meter installation fee will be added to your Mercury account. For regular capacity meters, the import/export installation fees are $195 for urban, $265 for rural and $325 for remote. If you require a higher capacity meter, the fee is quotable and we’ll let you know of the fee before installation. 


Check out our Help Centre to view more FAQs and tools.