Explore Solar.

Harness the power of the sun and generate your own renewable solar energy with Mercury Solar.

We have a wonderful solar calculator to help you explore what Mercury Solar could do for you. It'll only take around 5 minutes to find out. Give it a go!

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Why Solar?

Save on your bill

Save on your bill

Generating your own energy allows you to reduce your power bills in the long run. Our experts can advise you on the best solution for your needs.
Add value to your property

Add value to your property

Add value to your property by installing a quality solar system from us. We use only the best, this includes Trina Solar panels and Tesla batteries.
Enjoy renewable energy

Enjoy renewable energy

New Zealand already leads the way with 80% renewable electricity. Join the movement with solar and take advantage of another clean green energy source, the sun.
Get Energy freedom

Get Energy freedom

Create your own energy solution with a combination of solar panels and a battery system to store unused energy for later.

How Solar works

All you need is the sun, solar panels and a few more working parts to get generating.

See how it works

See solar in action

Come check out our Rechargery in Auckland -  powered by Mercury Solar and completely off-grid.

the rechargery

Get solar in a few easy steps

Here's what happens and what you need to know when you get solar with us. We're here to help every step of the way.


For a free consultation contact us here. We'll be in touch to answer any questions, see if solar is right for your property, and schedule an on-site assessment if suitable.


A solar consultant will visit your property to confirm solar is right for you and will work with you to design a bespoke system specific to your needs. 


We'll put together a personalised, no obligation quote customised to your property.


Our experts will design your system and create blueprints ready for the installers to action.


Our experts will come and install the solar panels, the inverter and any battery systems - and upgrade your meter. Then an inspector will visit your property to make sure everything is safe to switch on. 

6. Post installation

Once you're generating solar power your actual import and export data will show on your bill. You’ll also be able to see exactly how much energy you’ve sold and used in real time, using our energy monitor for Solar.

Why Mercury Solar?

Free home assessment

If solar is right for you, our friendly solar consultant will come by your property and to customise a package to suit your home and energy needs.

Great buy back rate

When you buy a Solar package and fix your energy rates for 3 years you'll get a great buy back rate of 12c per kwh for any excess you generate.  

*12c buy back dependent on lines company charges. Counties Network customers will receive 10.89c/kWh buy-back after Counties Network line charges are deducted. Terms and conditions apply. 36 month term and early termination fee apply.

Track your solar

Use our energy monitor for Solar to track how much energy you've generated, how much you use and export back to the grid.

100% renewable generation

We're proud that 100% of our generation comes from renewable sources. It's great for NZ and for our customers to know that we contribute towards a healthier environment.

One stop shop

We know energy inside out, from generation to your home. Our end-to-end experts are here to help, from consultative advice to installation and post-installation support. We've also been known to go the extra mile to install a home EV charger if you need one.

Solar for Business

Solar for Business

Looking at a solar solution for your farm or business? We can help. We'll work in partnership with you to design a solution that works for you.

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Solar storage

Solar storage

Tesla Powerwall is one of our storage solutions providing energy storage for solar self-consumption as well as backup.

See Storage Solutions
Research & development

Research & development

See what we've been up to at our Solar R&D centre - the latest news in solar innovation, trials and more.

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Still have questions about Solar and how it all works? Check out our frequently asked questions about solar.

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