Outstretched hand in yellow shirt holding an EV charger.


With our EV Discount you can enjoy 20% off your household’s variable electricity usage between 9pm and 7am.

Plug-in your EV, turn up the heat pump, run the dishwasher and charge your nights away. Terms and eligibility criteria apply.


To get this offer, you need to own or have a long-term lease for a plug-in vehicle, plus meet our other eligibility criteria. Keen to get your EV savings?


Imagine paying just 40c for a litre of petrol... That’s just how little it could cost to power your EV at home based on EECA's estimates. Electric transport could help reduce our nation’s reliance on expensive imported fossil fuels, and help you save money at the same time. Wonderful! 

Of Mercury's generation is from renewable sources.
The equivalent cost of fueling an EV up at home.
Of New Zealand's electricity generation is renewable.


We’ve partnered with some innovative companies who are making e.transport more accessible.


Together with Big Street Bikers, we’re helping to decarbonise New Zealand by making e.biking easier than ever. We’re bringing the world’s most secure bike locking stations to streets across Aotearoa.


Hikotron are preparing for New Zealand’s electric future. Together with Hikotron we’re helping to expand the public EV charging network across New Zealand. We want to make charging more convenient and promote the adoption of EVs.

A yellow Ford Fairlane parked in front of a beach.


She's a restored, refreshed, classic 1957 Ford Fairlane - fully electric, with plenty of grunt on a mission to enjoy Energy made Wonderful.

Evie turns heads wherever she goes. Find out more about NZ's most famous electric conversion.


Check out our most commonly asked questions on the EV Discount, or head over to our FAQs for more help.
How can I get the EV Discount? To get this offer, you need to own or have a long-term lease for a plug-in vehicle, plus have a smart meter at your property. If you’d like to get this offer please complete the sign-up form or contact our team. Terms and eligibility criteria apply.
Does the 20% off apply to all my electricity usage? Yes, with our EV Discount, you’ll get 20% off all your household’s variable electricity usage from 9pm to 7am. This discount doesn’t apply to your non-variable electricity charges, such as your daily fixed charge and the electricity authority levy.
Can the discount be applied for several properties? This offer can only be applied to your primary residence. 
Can this be combined with other offers? Sorry, this offer can’t be combined with any others such as Samsung You Choose. Get in touch with our team you’d like to confirm whether you’d be eligible for the EV Discount. 
How will this appear on my bill? Once the offer is applied to your account, you’ll see this on your bill as a calculation within your electricity charges. Which will show both the amount of electricity used between 9pm and 7am and the corresponding discount as a credit.
Why do I need a smart meter in order to get this offer? You’ll need a communicating smart meter at your property to be eligible for this offer. This is because a smart meter would allow us to record and then apply a discount to the power you use between 9pm and 7am.


Check out our Help Centre to view more FAQs and tools.