From 4 May 2022, Mercury will no longer be issuing Airpoints Dollars™. Mercury will also no longer be issuing Mercury Dollars from the date that we launch our new rewards - 26 May 2022.  

Any new benefit and stated period replacing Airpoints will come into effect from 4 May 2022. 

Any new benefit and stated period replacing Mercury Dollars will come into effect from the date that we launch our new rewards. 



To take advantage of your new bonus point earn rate specified in the letter or email we sent you, you’ll need to sign up to Mercury’s new rewards, launching in May 2022. Eligibility criteria apply. Full rewards terms and conditions are available here.  

Signing up is easy – you can do this via our app or My Account when it launches in May 2022.  Pre-registration may also be available to some customers by clicking the link in the email communications we’ve sent. If you’re signed up to hear from us by email, we will send you email communication to confirm exactly when you can sign up. 

A bonus point earn rate will apply to all of the points you earn on bill payments, related to the eligible residential account. The standard earn rate is 1 point for every $1 you spend on your bill as part of rewards (including GST, excluding any discounts or credits applied to your bill, and any service fees or charges), for payments made by the due date. So if your earn rate is 2x the standard earn rate, you’ll earn 2 points for every $1 you spend on your bill as part of rewards. 

Bonus point earn rates only apply in respect of standard points and will not apply in respect of any points earnt via Challenges or any other means. 



If you’ve been offered a credit, please allow 30 days for this to show on your account. All credits include GST and are non-refundable and not redeemable for cash.  



Please note that if you are currently signed up to a fixed-term contract, the remaining term of your contract will still apply and your new benefit will be applied to the remaining term.   

If you are a customer on an open-term plan, then you will receive the alternative benefit for the period stated in this letter or email, provided you remain a Mercury customer with the same account. 

To keep things simple, we’ve pre-loaded your benefit to your account. If you do not wish to receive this alternative benefit, please contact us and we will have it removed for you.  

Mercury maintains the right to determine which customers are eligible for any alternative benefit.