Inexpensive Ways To Personalise Your Home When Moving House.

Whether you’re renting an apartment, settling on a new build or moving into a character home, we all want the same thing; to make the place feel like our own.

The small touches go a long way to transforming an impersonal house into a welcoming home. What’s more, they don’t need to be expensive or high-effort. We’ve saved you the hard work—here are seven inexpensive ways to personalise your home when you first move in.

1. Add A Lick Of Paint
A touch of paint can go a long way. Give a good first impression by painting your front door—it’s a sure-fire way to establish a new tone in your home. Or, opt to add personal accents throughout the house with a feature wall or other painted elements. Choosing only specific areas to paint will still spice up your space but save you both time and dollars.

2. Hang Personal Items
Blank walls are a tell-tale sign that a home is new. Get creative with decorating these spaces, allowing your personality to shine through. If you’re on a budget, skip expensive framing and just opt for high-quality printing in the meantime. Adding a few photographs or artwork doesn’t have to cost a bomb either—simply download some photos from Unsplash for free, or check out The Met’s public domain database of artwork.

3. Switch Out Fixtures
A more permanent way to add personality is to update fittings, fixtures and lampshades around your home. This could get expensive quickly, so start small by only choosing specific areas to update. This might mean switching out the kitchen cupboard handles for a DIY solution or picking up some unique lamp shades off Facebook Marketplace.

4. Add A Dose Of Greenery
It doesn’t get cheaper than adding a few plants into the decor mix; your main challenge will just be keeping them alive. While larger, on-trend plants (we’re looking at you, Monstera) can cost a pretty penny, there are plenty of alternatives. If you’re just getting started, pick up a couple of pots from the charity shop and fill them with smaller plants or cuttings. Greenhouse vibes = sorted.

5. Create A Cosy Nook
Cuddling up in your favourite corner of the house is the easiest way to feel right at home. Create your go-to space by pulling together some of your favourite pieces around your place—a comfy chair, a side table, some moody lighting and a few coffee table books. Pour yourself a hot cuppa and let the good times roll.

6. Give Your Old Furniture A Facelift
Sometimes old furniture can feel out of place in a new space. If it’s no longer suitable, consider ways to upcycle your piece. This could be as simple as a lick of paint—see point number one. Or, you could embrace the latest interior trends by adding tiles to tabletops or coating items in a plaster-effect finish. Stuck on ideas? Scope out inspiration with Geneva Vanderzeil.

7. Swap Out Soft Furnishings
Never underestimate the power of a throw or cushion cover. Simply updating these touches can make a new and unfamiliar place feel like ‘you.’ To nail this tip on the cheap, start by picking up the basics from the more affordable stores. You can then accent your soft furnishings with one or two stand-out pieces worth the investment. But don’t forget to try and grab these on sale too!

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