Mother and Father hanging a picture in their new home with their son

Moving is a busy but exciting time, so you no doubt have  101 things on your mind. Has my first week of rent gone through? Who gets the small room? Am I ever getting the bond back from the old place?  With so many questions it’s easy to get lost in the planning process and overlook some of the costs you’ll need to consider when moving. Here’s some unexpected costs that you should keep in mind when you move.



The joys of moving into a new house can be quickly eclipsed by the sheer number of costs involved in the process.  Along with paying bond and various service fees, there is often the possibility that the leases of your old and new home could overlap, resulting in the dreaded Double Rent predicament. If possible, try to make sure that you can set aside some money to cover any unforeseen emergency rent payments, or factor this into your negotiations when sorting a move in/out date with landlords or property managers.


If you’re in the process of moving you’ve no doubt started looking at all the places you’ll need to update your address, and the services you’ll need to transfer. A fiddly and often time-consuming task, it’s important to start this process before your move. One thing to keep in mind is many companies will send you a final bill which arrives ahead of your scheduled billing cycle. Forgotten to set up power at your new place? It’s quick and easy to move with Mercury, simply get in touch and we'll get it sorted.  Not a Mercury customer? No worries, join us today.


Moving home is the perfect time to declutter and start fresh. You’ll likely discover all sorts of barely useable junk as you start to pack, and if you want to get that sweet, sweet bond money back you’ll probably find even more as you dive into a deep clean. There’s plenty of reasonably priced ways to dispose of your rubbish; you can take things to your local tip, hire a skip or contact a waste removal service. Whatever you do, don’t be those people and illegally dump your waste! Let’s do our best to keep Aotearoa clean and green.


If you own a massive van you can relax – this tip won’t apply to you. If you don’t, buckle up and read on! Chances are you’re going to have an incredibly tough time strapping a couch to the roof of your 2004 Nissan Tiida, and you’ll most likely be looking to hire a commercial moving van, or sweet talking a friend or family who owns their own. Either way, you’ll be paying; whether it’s hire fees, or a box of beersies for the mates giving you a hand. And of course let’s not forget the extra costs of refuelling the tanks of whatever vehicle you end up using.


You’ve moved out and the finish line is in sight! All that’s left between you and getting your bond back is the simple job of cleaning. Easy. Check out our ultimate moving checklist for a list of all the supplies you’ll need to leave the house spick and span!


Sometimes it’s only after you move into a property that you find out it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Some Kiwi homes are notorious for their damp conditions and lack of energy efficiency. A home without curtains can lose up to 31% of heat through its windows, leading to a number of health issues. To compensate for issues such as poor insulation, you may find that your wallet takes the hit as reliance on things like heaters increases. Luckily, there are heaps of ways in which you can make your home healthier and bring your bills down. For example, as part of Starship’s Healthy Homes Initiative, we’ve proudly partnered with Habitat for Humanity Northern Region who help vulnerable families combat preventable illnesses caused by cold and damp housing by providing double lined curtains to eligible families to keep the warm in. See how they can help you here.


It’s 8pm, you’ve moved six car-loads of boxes and two trips in the van. You’ve been using the correct lifting technique and your legs are killing you. You’re tired. You’re hungry. There’s no food. The snacks are in one of the endless boxes and the fridge is empty. Takeaway it is. Most of us are guilty of splurging out and enjoying some guilty pleasure foods after a move. There’s no shame in it, but if you’re buying for more than one person, the costs can add up! Consider keeping some basic ingredients/easy to make foods aside if you want to save some dollars. For example, a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread makes for a great breakfast-for-dinner.


When moving to a new city or town there’s usually a lot of things on your mind. New area, new house, new job, new people. It’s can feel a little overwhelming; after all it almost feels like starting from scratch. It’s easy to forget to cancel memberships to local services such as gyms and libraries until you notice that payments have been steadily going out of your account for the past six weeks. Make a list of all the local amenities you are signed up to a couple of weeks ahead of your move, and their individual cancellation policies, to avoid surprise fees.



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