As the leaves begin to turn and summer’s sweltering heat dials down, it’s the perfect time to get your home energy fit. Use Autumn as the chance to prep for colder weather and complete all that annoying (yet important) life admin.

You know exactly what we’re talking about—sort the draught that bugged you all last winter, or finally clean out your heat pump's filter. Here are five ways to get your home in the best shape possible ahead of the chilly season.

Get Cosy With Your Energy App
Figuring out what appliances and activities cause your power to spike will help you to adjust your habits come wintertime. The easiest way to do this is to jump on your electricity provider’s app and get up close and personal with those graphs. Our customers can check their usage on both My Account and the Mercury app, and those with smart meters can even drill down to a daily or hourly view. Staying close to your usage will not only keep you informed but also teach your little ones about saving power.

Do A Curtain Stock Take
Window coverings play a big role in optimising your energy throughout the year, so it’s worthwhile making sure yours are up to scratch. If it’s time to upgrade, do it right by going for thermal-lined curtains. Make sure these sit snug to the frame and cover the entire window or door. Let the sunshine in during the day, and keep the chill out at night—too easy.



Ditch The Annoying Draughts
If you’re prone to exclaiming ‘there’s a draught’ every winter, this is your sign to get it sorted ASAP. There are a bunch of handy tools and ideas to kick draughts to the curb without having to do a full-on home reno. Our advice? Hit up your local hardware store and peruse their range of draught-control tools. The likes of tape, weather seals, door guards, and draught excluders will more than likely do the trick on a budget.

Clean Your Heat Pump (No, Really)
One thing that always falls to the bottom of the to-do list is giving your heat pump some TLC. But the fact is, without regular cleaning, you'll face inefficient heating and a shorter product life span. Give your filters a clean every few months alongside the heating and cooling fins—all the info will be in your manual. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check on the outdoor unit for overgrown plants blocking vents or signs of rusting.

Do An Insulation Audit
If, like a lot of Kiwis, your house could score better on the insulation scale, Autumn is the time to get it sorted. Although it’s not an easy task to tackle bad insulation in older homes, you might be eligible for a grant to help with the costs. Get up to speed on the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme here. In the meantime, give windows with single-glazing the premium treatment with a DIY insulation kit. It's an easy and inexpensive alternative to double-glazing and is the perfect option if you’re renting.



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