Long balmy nights spent sharing meals, watching the sun go down, and enjoying our backyards—it’s safe to say we love entertaining in summer. But with more guests, more food, and more things to do, gathering the crew can quickly drain your personal energy, and add to the power bill.

Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together some quick wins when it comes to energy-efficient entertaining this season. What’s more, they’ll actually create a really cosy atmosphere, making your get-together one to remember—double win.

Keep It Cool
Before you opt for the fan or air conditioning, try these simple but effective tricks for keeping your home cool in the sweltering summer heat. Close your curtains or blinds to keep the pesky sun out. This works especially well for indoor-outdoor gatherings, so you’re not wasting energy on air-con as people traipse in and out of the house. And of course, create airflow by opening the windows and doors around your home to max out that summer breeze.

Opt For An Outdoor Gathering
“I’d love to sit inside,” said no one ever on a stunning summer's day. Get among the great outdoors and set up your party in the backyard. Shade is key, so make the most of any awnings, umbrellas, or trees to ensure your guests are comfortable. The bonus? No need for indoor lighting, devices, or air-con to keep the good times rolling—score.

Savvy Cooking For The Win
If there’s one thing you don’t want to be using on a hot summer day, it’s the oven. Skip the hefty appliances and make your cooking more efficient with a slow cooker or microwave. Batch-cooking all your food in advance will also save on turning appliances on and off throughout the day. What’s more, summer is the perfect time to try out cold foods like salads, appetizers, grazing platters, and desserts. Minimal fuss and no heating required, that’s our kind of spread. Before you crack on, take note of four ways to cook up a storm without wasting energy.


Go For A Good Old Chilly Bin

Let's face it, we all know someone who forgets to close the fridge after getting a drink. Instead of storing all your drinks in the fridge, go old-school and fill up a chilly bin, bucket, or bath with a tonne of ice. This simple swap will save guests from opening the fridge a dozen times throughout your party.

Set The Mood With Lighting
Creating a great atmosphere for your party is half the battle. One easy way to nail this is thoughtful lighting. If you’re hosting outdoors, there’s even more room for play, as you can design your lighting to complement the natural surroundings. We’re talking about LED fairy lights strung throughout the trees, or well-considered solar lamps lighting up garden pathways. Add a couple of LED candles to your dinner table and consider the atmosphere covered.

Don’t Forget The Clean Up
Things could all go downhill with the post-party cleanup, but these tips will help you and your power bill breeze through the admin. With the dishes, tone down on hot water if you’re hand washing, and scrape all the debris off the plates before plunging them into the sink. If you’re a dishwasher person (look, we don’t blame you), try to only run full loads and use the ‘eco’ setting on your appliance.


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