No matter who you are, whether you're the strongest, the smartest, or the bravest, there comes a point in each of our lives when we need to rely on others to help us get through our hardest times. Whether it's friends, family or a supportive community, we've all leant on another's shoulder for support at one time or another, and Starship's brave little superheroes are no exception.

Each Starship super-kid is fighting their own unique battle, but they aren't doing it alone. There are over 23,000 wonderful Mercury customers who have answered the call, donating to Starship on their monthly bills in order to help our nation's youth when the going gets tough.

For the brave little superheroes at Starship, it's these people who support them through their toughest times that are the greatest sidekicks they could ever hope to ask for. From the dedicated hospital staff, through to generous customers like yourself, each and every person in the Starship family plays an incredibly vital role in helping them overcome impossible odds.

Every bit of support, no matter how seemingly small, goes a long way to helping our Starship kids flourish and thrive. Just take little Moriah, a brave six-year-old superhero whose number one sidekick is her big brother, Robert.

Moriah was born with a rare genetic condition called SCN2A, which can cause a number of medical complications such as brain delays, low muscle tone, epilepsy and bronchiectasis. Due to the severity of her condition, Moriah requires frequent care from Starship's expert team. "Coming to Starship is very normal for us", recalls mum Maggie, "We've been coming here since Moriah was born - the hospital is basically our second home."

In late 2021, a nasty chest infection related to her ongoing lung problems, saw Moriah admitted back to Starship's Respiratory ward for emergency treatment. Whilst Starship once again became Moriah's second home, her 10-year-old brother, Robert was her constant companion, doing everything in his power to try and help keep his sister's spirits high so that she could focus on the most important thing of all, getting well enough so that she could go back home to her family.




Along with Starship's wonderful Play Specialists, her brother Robert worked hard to make Moriah smile during her stay at Starship, helping keep her occupied with all sorts of fun activities, such as drawing fantastical superheroes and monsters, playing with toys, and making her laugh. "Robert was four when Moriah was born, and he's always been there for his little sister", Maggie reflects, "He loves coming to Starship with her – he knows all the staff and all the play areas, and together Robert and the Starship team help take such good care of her."

A Starship super-sidekick in his own special way, we asked Robert what he thought being a Starship sidekick was all about, and what he'd do if he had superpowers for a day. "Being a super-sidekick means that you do whatever you can to help people who need you", he says, "If I had powers, I'd be strong like the Hulk, be able to control electricity and run as fast as a cheetah. That way I could help lots of people!"

While not all of us can draw as well as Robert, or run as fast as a cheetah, we can each become a Starship sidekick with just the click of a button! For as little as just $1 a week, you can join our Starship super-family and help make a real difference to the lives of hundreds of Aotearoa's bravest little heroes.


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