Free Power Days.

Free Power Days.

24 wonderful hours of free power at your place.

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How do Free Power Days Work?

How do Free Power Days Work?

A Free Power Day is a full 24 hours of free electricity for you to enjoy.

You could cook all day and fill the freezer, blast the aircon or heater while watching your favourite movies or get the power tools out and finally get round to starting those home improvements. Whatever you choose, we'll pick up the bill.

What our customers are doing with their Free Power days

What our customers are doing with their Free Power Days.

Over the last few years we've given away more than 200,000 Free Power Days. Here's just a few examples of what some of our customers have used theirs for.

"This is one of the things I did on my free power day. A lovely long spa bath. I don't usually like to use so much hot water." - Kathryn

"On the Free Day of Power Mercury sent to me
One vacuumed house
Two dogs washed
Three yummy coffees
Four % hotter heat pump
Five loads of washing
Six loads in the drier
And one happy family.......
#freepowerday" - Amanda

"On my power free day we woke up to a mighty big frost. Toby peeked out of the bed clothes and realised it was toasty warm. A treat! Had been able to keep heat pumps on all night. I jumped out of bed rearing to go. Twelve hours later had done 3 loads of washing. Cleaned washing machine and dishwasher, shampooed carpets (had heating blasting away to dry) bathed both dogs, made soup, vacuumed everywhere and baked a chocolate cake and chocolate chippy biscuits. Whew! exhausted but happy so hopped back into bed with Toby under the blankets. Thankyou Mercury for my special day." - Kay