Here’s everything you need to know about the Offer.
  1. Mercury’s ‘Mates’ Rates’ offer (“Offer”) is available to residential customers who join Mercury for electricity, or electricity and gas (Dual Fuel) on an open term plan and are accepted as a Mercury customer in accordance with Mercury’s standard terms and conditions, including a satisfactory credit check.
  1. This Offer is available to partners of Mercury who join using this link.
  1. You can fill in your details here and select 'view offer details' for the 'Mates' Rates' offer, to view the '5% Rate Discount' you've unlocked.

Joining Credit

  1. By taking up this offer, you will receive a $100 bill credit which we will apply to your account within 55 days of your Mercury account being opened.

'5% Rate Discount' For 2 Years

  1. By taking up this Offer, you will receive a ‘5% Rate Discount’ on your electricity, or electricity and gas. This means you’ll unlock a 5% discount on Mercury’s standard headline rates for your daily fixed and variable/inclusive usage charges for electricity, or electricity and gas. The discount won't apply to the Electricity Authority levy, GST, or any special or service charges. If you are in The Lines Company Limited (“TLC”) area, your fixed price does not include charges for transmission, distribution and metering (“network services”). You will receive a separate bill from TLC for these network services. In other networks, these costs form part of your total fixed price.
  1. Your fixed price will apply for a term of 24 months from the date we accept you as a Mercury customer.
  1. Your ‘5% Rate Discount’ is also available for 24 months from the date we accept you as a Mercury customer (“Offer Period”). After that your rate will return to the Mercury standard rates (that is, without a discount), but we will communicate with you to let you know that the Offer Period has come to an end and will give you the opportunity to renew your ‘5% Rate Discount’ if the offer is still available.
  1. This plan is a fixed price plan meaning your daily fixed and variable/inclusive usage charges for electricity, or electricity and gas are fixed during the 24-month Offer Period. The fixed price plan does not include GST, and any of the Mercury Service Fees (as available on our website). Any subsequent change to the NZ Government GST rate, and Mercury Service Fees within the period of this agreement will apply. Please note that while the rates for other individual components of your total price may change, your total prices will remain the same in line with this plan . However, if you are in the TLC area and if TLC appoints us as its agent to collect the charges for network services from you, we will pass these charges on to you and so your total price will change accordingly.
  1. Your fixed prices are based on your current meter type.
  1. If your meter type changes, where possible Mercury will put you on the fixed price plan for your new meter.
  1. If your current meter configuration is incorrect, we will place you on the correct pricing plan that matches your meter.
  1. This is an open-term plan, so there’s no fixed-term nor early termination fee associated with this Offer.
  1. If you move property during the Offer Period, please contact us before you move and:
    a. You can take your ‘5% Rate Discount’ rate with you so long as your move is within the same network and your new property has the same meter type; or
    b. If we are unable to transfer your ‘5% Rate Discount’ rate to your new address, you will be transferred to standard Mercury prices with a 5% discount applied, as long as you remain a Mercury customer.
  1. Unless we tell you otherwise, you cannot combine this Offer or pricing plan with any other Mercury offer or pricing plan.
  1. The Offer is not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  2. Mercury's General Residential Terms apply.