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One Bill Special Conditions


  1. I agree that all power supplied to me by Mercury is supplied on Mercury’s Electricity Standard Terms and Conditions for Business customers and that any gas supplied to me by Mercury is supplied on Mercury’s Gas Standard Terms and that a copy of these Standard Terms and Conditions will be made available if requested.
  2. I confirm that all of the information I have provided is correct and certify that I am authorised to apply to have all of the specified accounts (and any accounts that I may in the future specify) included on Mercury One Bill combined bills, and that I am authorised to initiate the transfer to Mercury but I understand that Mercury is under no obligation to accept any person as a customer and the availability of Mercury One Bill combined bills is at Mercury’s absolute discretion.
  3. I authorise my current electricity and/or gas supplier(s) and distributor(s) to disclose to Mercury any metering, payment history, billing and usage information relating to me (including but not limited to in respect of the above premises) and to cease supplying and delivering me electricity and gas.
  4. I appoint Mercury to act as my agent in respect to all matters relating to the supply and delivery of electricity and/or gas to my premises. This includes (where applicable) finalisation of my account(s) with my current electricity and/or gas supplier(s) on the basis of meter readings that may be estimated. Should Mercury attempt to complete any switch(es) from my current supplier(s) fail for any reason, Mercury has the right to cancel the switch request(s).
  5. I authorise Mercury to disclose relevant information enabling me to be identified to a credit checking agency for the purpose of Mercury obtaining a credit check about me and/or authorise Mercury and/or its credit checking agency to contact any referees nominated by me. 
  6. I understand that my personal information will be held by Mercury for the purpose of supplying me with electricity and/or gas and associated services. From time to time my contact details may be used by Mercury to provide me with offers and information from them and other approved agencies.  
  7. I understand that I have the right to request access to and correction of my personal information held by Mercury.
  8. I understand that if any payment received by Mercury towards a Mercury One Bill combined invoice is less than the total amount owing under that invoice, the payment may be allocated to the premises and accounts covered by the Mercury One Bill combined invoice at Mercury’s absolute discretion, notwithstanding any prior agreement to the contrary.*
  9. I understand that if any amount owing under a Mercury One Bill combined invoice is not paid by the due date, Mercury’s rights of disconnection under its Standard Terms and Conditions may be exercised by Mercury in relation to any one or more of the premises covered by the Mercury One Bill combined invoice, at Mercury’s absolute discretion.* 
  10. I understand that not all my premises that are supplied by Mercury may be eligible for One Bill combined invoicing.

*Does not apply to Farm Source (RD1) or PGG Wrightson customers.