Here’s everything you need to know about the Offer.
  1. Mercury’s ‘Employee Mates’ Rates’ offer (“Offer”) is available to Mercury employees who join Mercury for electricity, or electricity and gas (Dual Fuel) on an open-term plan and are accepted as a Mercury customer in accordance with Mercury’s standard terms and conditions, including a satisfactory credit check, and for employees who are currently Mercury customers and want to switch to this Offer.
  1. This Offer is available to employees of Mercury who join using this link or employees who are already Mercury customers who sign up to this offer by calling our sales team.

12% Discount for as long as you remain an employee of Mercury:

  1. By taking up this Offer, you will receive a 12% on any bill payment for your electricity, or electricity and gas, you make to Mercury during the Offer Period. 
  1. This Offer is available for as long as you’re a Mercury employee from the date we accept you as a Mercury customer (“Offer Period”), for as long as you remain a Mercury customer. If you are no longer a Mercury employee or switch to a different retailer, you will no longer be eligible for this offer.
  1. This is an open-term plan, so there’s no fixed-term or early termination fee associated with this Offer.
  1. Unless we tell you otherwise, you cannot combine this Offer or pricing plan with any other Mercury offer or pricing plan.
  1. The Offer is not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  1. Mercury's General Residential Terms apply.