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EV Fuel Package


  1. You will be entitled to the EV Fuel Package (“Offer”) if you are a new or existing Mercury residential customer who is on Headline, 2 Year Fixed or 2 Year Loyalty Discount rates, and earn 15% prompt payment discount or less.

  2. The Offer is for a discount of 20% to be applied to your electricity rate for daily household electricity consumption between the hours of 9pm and 7am. Your standard Mercury electricity rates for your plan will apply outside these hours.
  3. You will receive the Offer for two years from the date that you sign up to the Offer (“Offer Period”).  This is subject to you remaining on Headline, 2 Year Fixed or 2 Year Loyalty Discount rates.
  4. The Offer is available to you if you own or have a long term lease, or if a member of your household owns or has a long term lease, for a plug-in vehicle for personal use where charging occurs at the property, and applies to residential household usage during the Offer Period.
  5. Fair usage policy applies. Details on our fair usage policy can be found here.
  6. This offer requires a smart meter that is capable of delivering half-hourly data. If you do not already have a smart meter, we will install one free of charge.
  7. If Mercury is unable to install a smart meter, or it fails to deliver accurate half-hourly readings for the period, Mercury will estimate 9pm-7am usage based on customer data and history. All estimates will be considered final.
  8. By accepting this Offer, you acknowledge that Mercury may verify plug-in vehicle ownership through external party websites from time to time. Mercury may also request proof of ownership, lease or confirmation of access to a plug-in vehicle if required for verification.
  9. Mercury’s standard acceptance criteria and credit checking applies for new residential customers.
  10. Mercury reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions in any way during the Offer Period.
  11. Mercury's standard residential terms apply. Please refer to our website for full details.