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Terms and Conditions

We like to offer our customers something a little more wonderful when they move with Mercury. Lots of words, we know! But here’s everything you need to know about the offer. Grab a cup of tea and have a read!
  1. Mercury’s $250 moving voucher offer (“Offer”) is available to:
    1. Existing Mercury electricity only or dual fuel customers who accept this 2 year fixed price plan.
    2. Non-Mercury customers who join Mercury for electricity only or dual fuel on a 2 year fixed price plan and are accepted as a Mercury customer in accordance with Mercury’s standard terms and conditions, including a satisfactory credit check. 
  1. This Offer is only available to customers on the Vector and Vector Northern networks in Auckland.
  1. This 2 year fixed price plan applies for 2 years from the date you tell us is your "move-in date" when you accept this Offer (“Offer Period”).
  1. This Offer is available to be accepted from 18 May 2021.
$250 moving services voucher
We’re working with Smart Express to give our customers a little help with their move: vans, trucks, movers, packing and more!
  1. By taking up this Offer you will receive a $250 voucher to use with our friends at Smart Express (“Voucher”).
  1. The $250 Voucher can be used on any Smart Express services, such as:
  1. Moving and Delivery
  2. Fragile item & moving art works
  3. Packing and cleaning services
  4. Packing supplies for sale
  1. There are some important conditions you need to note about the Voucher:
  1. It is your responsibility to arrange with Smart Express your moving services.  You will need to agree to Smart Express' terms and conditions in order to redeem the Voucher.
  2. Smart Express has a minimum lead time of two days for a van booking and five days for a truck booking and redemption is subject to Smart Express' availability. 
  3. Smart Express availability may change in the event of a change in the New Zealand Government's Covid-19 Alert Levels.
  4. You can only use the Voucher once. Unless otherwise agreed with Smart Express, the Voucher must be used in one transaction.
  5. The Voucher will expire three months from the date we email you the Voucher (or if you leave Mercury within that three month period, your Voucher will expire on the date you leave Mercury).
  6. If the amount you spend with Smart Express is over $250 (including GST), you are responsible for paying for the remainder.
  7. This Voucher is only available for use in mainland Auckland (not available on Waiheke Island, Great Barrier Island and surrounds).

If for any reason you’re unable to redeem the Voucher, please get in touch with us on 0800 10 18 10.

How to accept this Offer:
  1. If you’re an existing Mercury customer, you can accept this Offer by phone, email OR by visiting, filling out the form, selecting this Offer and agreeing to these terms and conditions.

  2. If you are an existing Mercury customer, this Offer will replace any existing offer or plan you are currently signed up to.   

  3. If you’re a non-Mercury customer, you can accept this Offer by phone, email OR by visiting, filling out the online join form, selecting this Offer and agreeing to these terms and conditions.
How Do I Redeem my Voucher?
  1. Once you’ve accepted this Offer, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details of your move, a unique discount code and instructions on how to book in your moving services with Smart Express.
  1. To book in your moving services with Smart Express, simply call 09-22-22-555 or complete their online booking form. When booking you’ll need to provide the 11 digit unique discount code that was sent to you in the confirmation email by Mercury.
The Legal Stuff
  1. Mercury makes no representations about the quality, or otherwise, of the service Smart Express will provide you.

  2. Mercury will not be liable for any loss or damage which is suffered by you during the course of you receiving Smart Express services, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.
Changing your Fixed Price Plan
  1. If you choose to move to a plan that includes solar generation rates for electricity during the term of this Offer, your fixed term price plan will automatically be terminated:
    1. Your electricity supply will be moved to an open-term plan; and
    2. A termination fee will not be applied.
  1. An early termination fee of $150 (inclusive of GST, if any) will apply if you cancel your fixed price plan before the end of your initial term, to compensate Mercury for its reasonable losses (which may include part of the cost of the Voucher or any credit provided in exchange).  This early termination fee does not apply if:
  1. You have accepted your fixed price plan as a result of an uninvited direct sale (where you have not invited us (or our partners) to call you) and you cancel within 5 working days of receiving confirmation of the fixed price plan you have entered into (Mercury’s standard rates will apply during that period); or
  2. You cancel within 30 days of your fixed price plan confirmation and you have not redeemed or exchanged your Voucher during this time (Mercury’s standard rates will apply during that period).
  1. If you move property during the Offer Period, please contact us before you move and:
    1. You can take your fixed price plan with you so long as your move is within the same network and your new property has the same meter type; or
    2. If we are unable to transfer your fixed price plan to your new address, you will be transferred to standard Mercury prices and you will not be charged an early termination fee, as long as you remain a Mercury customer.
  1. Your fixed prices are based on your current meter type.
    1. If your meter type changes, where possible, we will put you on the fixed price plan for your new meter.
    2. If your current meter set up is incorrect, we will place you on the correct pricing plan that matches your meter.

  2. The fixed price plan does not include GST, and any of the Mercury Service Fees. Any subsequent change to the NZ Government GST rate, and Mercury Service Fees within the period of this agreement will apply.
  3. Please note that while the rates for other individual parts of your total price may change, we will make sure your total prices will remain fixed in line with this Offer.
  1. You will revert to standard Mercury prices at the end of the Offer Period, unless Mercury offers you, and you accept, a new fixed term price plan before the end of the Offer Period. Unless we tell you otherwise, you cannot combine this Offer with any other Mercury offer or pricing plan.
  2. The Offer is not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  3. Mercury’s standard Privacy Policy, Airpoints and residential terms apply. Please see our website for full details.