Below you'll find some words we reference throughout our website and their definitions. 



The Anytime option has a meter measuring electricity where the whole supply is available 24 hours a day (under normal circumstances). This option is commonly used for all appliances that plug into power points, kitchen appliances and internal lights.


The Controlled option has a meter measuring electricity where the power can be turned off as desired by Mercury or the local network company. The minimum length of time these supplies will be on is dependent on where you are and which Controlled option you are on. This option is commonly used for hot water cylinders, pumps, and under floor heating.


On some offers, you can lock in your rates for a fixed period from when you sign up.


An early termination fee will apply if you cancel your service/s before the end of your initial term. Details of these fees will be available in the terms and conditions document for each offer. 


This is the length of time your offer will be in place. For example, a contract might have a term of one year, and after that the offer expires


For particular offers, you may receive a joining bonus when you sign up. A joining bonus can be either a credit amount, a period of free services (e.g. 6 months free broadband) or a Samsung product. If you select a Samsung product, these will be determined by the broadband plan that you choose when you sign up and it is possible to upgrade to a different range of products by making an upfront top-up payment. Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply to the joining bonus.