4 May 2020 – The Mercury attitude is a synergy of three elements: ‘curious & original’, ‘commit & own it’ and ‘share and connect’.

When telesales representative Abbas Ali (“Abba” to his customers) took a call from Mercury customer Marianne*, he didn’t realise how fully he would have lived out the Mercury attitude by the end of their interaction.

Marianne called to gain a better understanding of her electricity bill, Abbas says.

“I started to explain Marianne’s bill to her when all of a sudden, she became upset. She said she had a lot on her shoulders, a sick adult son to support, and no other family around. Marianne relies on WINZ payments and when a person is watching every dollar, any kind of bill can be overwhelming. I really felt for her,” Abbas says.

For Abbas, this wasn’t a moment for “talking shop”; instead, he did his best to support Marianne, and reassured her he would do his best to help her.

“I asked Marianne, was there anything else I could do for her? I really felt she was someone who needed a little bit of extra help at this time, especially as we’re going through the Covid-19 lockdown,” says Abbas. “We’d been chatting for quite some time at this point, and she suggested that perhaps I could drop her a line from time to time to check on her?

“This request from Marianne really moved me because it drove home to me that my teammates and I are truly in a privileged position being at the forefront of Mercury. My prevailing thought was, why shouldn’t I do a good deed here, because I believe in karma: you reap what you sow,” says Abbas.

“So when I emailed Marianne some follow-up information about her power bill, I also encouraged her to please reach out if there’s ever anything else I can do and that while she might not have family, she does have us!”

At Easter, Abbas followed up again. It was in a small but personal way, just because Abbas felt it was the right thing to do. “Marianne was totally amazed, and I was overwhelmed at her appreciation.

“This experience has reminded me that power is essential to people’s lives, and it’s a privilege of my role to share and connect with people, which sees me living Mercury’s values, each and every day.”

*not her real name

For further information: 0272 105 337


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