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Industry average speeds at peak times (source MBNZ Report 19, April 2024) are:

  • FibreLite: 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload.
  • FibreClassic: 314Mbps download and 108Mbps upload.
  • FibreMax: 881Mbps download and 503Mbps upload.
  • Wireless broadband: 35Mbps download and 16Mbps upload.

You may experience a higher or lower speed than this.

Factors that may influence your speed include the device you are using and its capabilities, your operating system and web-browser, if you’re connecting wirelessly to your router, and the number of devices connecting via WiFi. If your plan uses a wireless connection, then factors such as the distance you are from a cell tower, the network capability and the overall use of that cell tower by other consumers can impact the speed experienced. If you have a router supplied by Mercury, this router is capable of providing the estimated peak time average speeds, subject to the factors described above. If you are using a router not supplied by Mercury, you may not receive the stated speeds.  
For wireless broadband, you must use the router supplied by Mercury.