7 Clever Ways To Master Storage When Downsizing.

If there's one thing moving house makes us realise, it's just how much stuff we have. And what does stuff need? Storage, of course.

Just because you're scaling down your space doesn't mean you need to compromise on clever storage. Whether you're downsizing from a family home to a modest abode or swapping the shared house life for an apartment, you can still master storage with a smaller set-up.

1. Opt For Multi-Purpose Furniture
Smaller spaces call for smarter furniture. Often, you'll need to consider multi-purpose pieces to meet all of your living needs in a pint-sized home. More of us are working from home these days, so it might mean investigating wall-hanging or fold-down desks. Or, if you're tapped for dining room square footage, check out drop-leaf and extendable tables.

2. Hang Alllll Of The Stuff
Struggling to find a home for something? Consider building a hanging storage solution. The options are endless, whether it's ceiling-hung bike racks, a bespoke peg wall or a hanging laundry basket. Our favourite take on this trick is hanging plants and herbs because a small space shouldn't mean you need to sacrifice greenery.

3. Invest In Aesthetic Hiding Spots
While you might have nailed the shelving part of the equation, stacking your stuff aesthetically can be the final let-down. Things can quickly appear untidy in a smaller space, so skip the mess and stock up on baskets and boxes for your shelves. You can select the designs to suit your interior style and quickly tuck away any clutter with ease.

4. Scout Out Storage Furniture
Once you start seeking out storage-optimised furnishings, you'll find it hard to stop. There's an opportunity to make this work in each room, whether you choose a kitchen island with plenty of draws or a couch with under-seat storage. There are plenty of options for storage headboards and bed frames to keep your stuff neat in the bedroom—just Google 'Ottoman Beds' to get started.

5. Give Your Hallways Some TLC
We'll just say it—entry rooms and hallways aren't given the attention they deserve. These tiny spaces are ripe with the possibility to craft practical storage solutions. Turn wasted space into something valuable by investing in a storage bench seat for your entryway, lining the walls with console tables and finishing with floating shelves and coat hooks.

6. Get Hooked On Hooks
Pretty much every surface in your household could benefit from additional hooks. Add these below kitchen cabinets to hang utensils and mugs or on the back of a door for extra outerwear storage. Should your bathroom lack towel hanging space, a couple of industrial command hooks will get you sorted. Plus, they're renter-friendly—double win.

7. Uncover Bespoke Storage Options
This is the 'I didn't know that existed, but now I can't live without it' category. Whatever your clutter challenge, there's probably a customised storage solution for it. Front door littered with shoes? Pick up a vertical shoe rack. Hairdryer always left dangerously close to the sink? Grab yourself a hair dryer hook. Jewellery scattered everywhere? Invest in a specific holder for your precious items. We told you, there's something for everyone out there.

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