How To Keep The Kids Busy
When Moving House.


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Moving house can be challenging; between packing boxes, endless cleaning and constantly driving to and from. It’s a lot of work! Add a little one into the mix, and there's a lot to think about.

If you’re planning on moving with a wee one, fear not; we have some wonderful ideas to keep the kids busy when you move.

1) Get Your Kid Involved

We’ve all, at one time or another, been a kid!  We know that kids are curious creatures who want to feel important and involved. Without anything to do, boredom quickly sets in, and that’s when things can start to go pear shaped!

If your child is old enough, try getting them involved in the moving process.  Whether that’s putting them in charge of packing their toys or giving them the important job of looking after the family pet, they’ll feel like a valuable member of the team. The added incentive of pocket money also never goes amiss. 

2) Keep Their Favourite Things On Hand

As stressful as moving is for us bigs, it can also be a time of great upheaval for our littles. Chances are they’ve spent a fair chunk of their lives in your current home – it may even be the only home they’ve ever known, and the thought of leaving can be quite scary.

To comfort anxieties, it’s helpful to set aside a bag with some of their favourite things. Think toys, books, blankets and snacks, so that you can quickly handle any worries or grumbles on moving day. And don’t forget to double check the house when you leave – you’ll never hear the end of it if their favourite toy gets left behind! 

3) Games, Games, Games

Keep your kids out of trouble on move day by having some fun activities and games around for them. From simple fun with box forts, to the tried and tested activity book, it’s minimal effort for maximum return. You can even download the activity book we made for Starship Children’s Hospital Outpatients centre, we’ve had great reviews from the kids at Starship!  

4) Set Up a Playdate

Let’s be completely honest; sometimes the path of least resistance is the most sensible move. If it’s an option, you can avoid the extra stress of juggling parenthood with moving by organising for your child stay over at a family member or friend’s place while you sort all the heavy lifting. 

Whether it’s a playdate with a friend, a day-care service, or being spoiled by the grandparents, you can relax knowing that your little one is being looked after while you focus on the task at hand.

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