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Corporate Governance.

Corporate Governance.

At Mercury we have a genuine focus on the long term. This drives the way we do business, our investment decisions, services to customers and our partnerships with stakeholders.

Our Corporate Governance framework.

Our Corporate Governance framework.

This sets out how our Board is accountable to shareholders for the Company’s actions and performance – along with the delegation of responsibilities to the Chief Executive and management team. Through this framework we create the objectives and direction for the business, identify and manage our risks and assess and continuously improve our performance.

We focus on building trust and confidence through a clear purpose and responsibilities; effective culture built on integrity, honesty and transparency; a well-balanced and experienced Board; management accountability; and effective management of current and future risks.

Our approach is based on best practice Corporate Governance and supported by a regular review process. For more information take a look at our Corporate Governance Statement and other Corporate Governance Policies below.



Being listed on the New Zealand stock exchange and the ASX as a foreign exempt listed company, we regularly review our corporate governance policies and practices to ensure compliance with NZX and ASX standards. Our corporate governance practices comply with the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations and are in substantial compliance with the NZX Corporate Governance Code.

We also consider our corporate governance practices and procedures to substantially reflect the guidelines set out in the ICGN Global Governance Principles, the BlackRock Corporate Governance Guidelines and Engagement Principles, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Principles of Corporate Governance.

Governance Documents.

Modern Slavery Statement 2021.

2 November 2021

View Modern Slavery Statement 2021

2021 Corporate Governance Statement.

17 August 2021

View 2021 Corporate Governance Statement

Mercury Supplier Code of Conduct.

8 November 2021

View Mercury Supplier Code of Conduct

2020 Corporate Governance Statement.

18 August 2020

View 2020 Corporate Governance Statement

2019 Corporate Governance Statement.

20 August 2019

View 2019 Corporate Governance Statement

2018 Corporate Governance Statement.

21 August 2018

View 2018 Corporate Governance Statement

Audit Independence Policy.

10 December 2018

View Audit Independence Policy

Board Charter.

22 June 2020

View Board Charter

Environmental Policy.

29 October 2020

View Environmental Policy

Example Letter of Appointment of Director.

16 July 2020

Example Letter of Appointment of Director

Inclusion and Diversity Policy.

7 December 2020

View Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Inclusion and Diversity Statistics (Gender).

28 February 2022

Inclusion and Diversity Statistics (Gender)

Executive Remuneration Policy.

19 May 2020

View Executive Remuneration Policy

Information About Ordinary Shares.

10 May 2013

View Information About Ordinary Shares

Integrated Sustainability Policy.

12 April 2021

View Integrated Sustainability Policy

Market Disclosure Policy.

22 February 2021

View Market Disclosure Policy

The Mercury Code.

March 2021

View The Mercury Code

Mercury NZ Limited Constitution.

27 September 2019

View Mercury NZ Limited Constitution

Modern Slavery Statement 2020.

22 February 2021

View Modern Slavery Statement 2020

Nominations Committee Charter.

17 August 2020

View Nominations Committee Charter

People and Performance Committee Charter.

19 May 2020

View People and Performance Committee Charter

Risk Assurance and Audit Committee Charter.

2 December 2019

View Risk Assurance and Audit Committee Charter

Risk Management Policy.

2 December 2019

View Risk Management Policy

Stakeholder Engagement Policy.

2 December 2019

View Stakeholder Engagement Policy

Supplier Guiding Principles.

1 June 2018

View Supplier Guiding Principles

Takeover Response Policy.

17 August 2020

View Takeover Response Policy

Trading in Company Securities Policy.

22 February 2021

View Trading in Company Securities Policy

Whistleblowing Policy.

20 August 2018

View Whistleblowing Policy