Whilst we hate to admit it, winter is well and truly on the way. But here’s the thing; cold weather isn’t all that bad. With chilly days come a few of our favourite things; snuggling up with a hot water bottle, decadent cups of hot chocolate, and cosy home cooking.

Looking to dive into delicious comfort food this winter season? We’ve got you sorted. From easy-as-pie baking recipes to one-pot wonders, here are seven dishes to add to your rotation when the temperature drops.

Semolina with Winter Fruit Salad by Nadia Lim
In all honesty, toast and cereal just won’t cut it in the winter. To get going on those dark mornings, you’ll need a cosy dish to kick-start the day. Nadia Lim’s semolina with winter fruit salad is a fresh take on porridge, ditching oats and opting for smooth semolina instead. Top with seasonal winter fruits like tamarillos or oranges for a brekky worthy of Instagram.

Back to Routine Puttanesca Pasta by Annie Strachan
Two pots, pantry staples and 20 minutes is all it takes to whip up this easy weeknight go-to. Annie Strachan’s puttanesca pasta is a simple exercise in nailing flavour, getting everything going with a concentrated pasta base of garlic, onion, chilli flakes, sundried tomatoes and capers. Boil up your spaghetti (don’t you dare dump out that pasta water!) and consider dinner done.

Rustic Chicken Pot Pie by Vanya Insull
Pamper your palate with a spoonful of Vanya Insull’s drool-worthy rustic chicken pot pie. We love her take on this cold-weather classic—seasonal veg and chicken cooked together with a herbaceous mushroom sauce. It doesn’t end there; she’s swapped typical flaky pastry for a crunchy, golden-brown rosemary scone topping.

Roasted Chickpea and Kale Salad by Eleanor Ozich
Just because it’s scarf season doesn’t mean we need to skimp on the salads. In fact, there are plenty of veggies that thrive in winter, making it the perfect time to explore warm salads. Kick things off with Eleanor Ozich’s roasted chickpea and kale salad. Stuffed with foodie faves, you’ll find toasted chickpeas and kale scattered with pine nuts, doused in a finger-licking tahini dressing. It’ll pair nicely with slow-cooked meats, but this number can also be the sole star of the show.


Macho Nachos by Chelsea Winter

There’s something about simple veggie meals that dials up the delicious factor in life. Chelsea Winter’s version of a family favourite does just this—plus, it’s quick to make with pantry ingredients. Macho nachos are corn chips loaded with vegetarian chilli and all of your favourite toppings. The chilli is full of flavour, starring lentils and black beans decked out in garlic, cumin, paprika and coriander.

Creamy Chicken and Bacon Soup by Nadia Lim
Nothing quite says comfort like a hearty bowl of chicken soup. While tinned soup might be an easy fix, Nadia Lim has some ideas to step this up a notch. Enter; creamy chicken, bacon and lentil soup with crispy ciabatta. Packed with the good stuff, you’ll find tasty streaky bacon, tonnes of veg and even red lentils in this number. What’s more, all the cooking takes place in one pot—double win.

Banana Bread by Rachel Rakich
Top of the list for rainy day activities is comfort baking. Whether your vice is cakes, cookies, slices or puddings, you can’t go wrong with a sweet treat to brighten a cloudy day. As always, our go-to is the crowd-pleasing favourite, banana bread. This recipe by Rachel Rakich spices things up with the addition of condensed milk and chocolate—talk about perfection.



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