Working from home looks different for each person—especially after the last few years. You might be part of a hybrid office model, work remotely or run a side-hustle from the comfort of your couch.

Whatever your situation, we all face similar challenges when switching from home to work mode—particularly when the commute is only a few steps away. To help you master WFH life with ease, we've wrapped up six online tools that will transform how you do things daily.

1. Master Words With Online Writing Tools
You can't really get by without doing some form of writing in the workplace these days. Whether it's an important report or a polished presentation, words are the way of communication. But if you're not exactly Shakespeare, there are a few easy ways to level up your writing. Grammarly is the go-to for grammar and spelling; their editor assists in everything from rogue double-spacing to tone of voice. Suppose you need help with rephrasing sentences; check out Wordtune. This AI-powered programme generates plenty of alternative sentence options to jog your creative writing mind. Finally, bookmark Hemingway Editor on your browser ASAP for concise writing that cuts through.

2. Make Life Easy With Organisation Websites
If your inbox is a black hole of to-do lists, listen up. Digital organisation tools are the way of the workplace future. Once you rope these into your routine, we guarantee you won't look back. Your company might already have similar software in use, so check out what they're using first. If you have the freedom to decide, Asana, Trello, and Monday.com are perfect places to start. These options are simple to use with clear layouts plus offer the ability to collaborate virtually across teams and projects.

3. Next Level Note Taking
Between notebooks, in-built apps, and that random napkin from the coffee shop, let's be honest, note-taking is no fun. Luckily, someone else has had this problem, and they've created note apps that might just change your life. Evernote is the original winner, bringing together all things notes, to-do lists and projects. Notion takes this to the next level with the ability to build out top-notch documentation from your notes. And if you just can't be bothered taking notes at all, opt for Otter.ai, an automated audio recording, transcription and meeting software.


4. Stay On Top Of Your Energy Usage

Working from home is a change in lifestyle that can lead to an increase in energy use. Whether that’s because you have the heating going more often, or have set up new home-office equipment, you’ll want to keep on top of how much this might be impacting your bill. Our advice? Get cosy with your electricity provider’s app. Our customers can check their usage on both My Account and the Mercury app, and those with smart meters can even drill down to a daily or hourly view.

5. Stop, Collaborate And Listen
Make like the iconic Vanilla Ice song and get your collaboration on with these essential digital tools. Miro is the way to go when it comes to virtual whiteboards, with built-in templates to help facilitate workshops and meetings. If you're pulling together a presentation, Canva has your back; you can add seats to your account and work together on projects. Plus, it knows how to make your information look pretty, even with zero design experience.

6. Zone In On Focus
The truth is, working from home is one big game of just trying to avoid distractions. It's not an easy feat with courier deliveries, the kids, or endless social media notifications. One way to stay on track is to trial different focus software and see what sticks. Some of these apps help gamify focus, like Forest which grows a virtual tree if you avoid specific websites. Others, like Focus Keeper use productivity approaches like the Pomodoro Technique—25 minutes of work broken up with short breaks.

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