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We've been a 5 Star Sponsor of the Starship Foundation since 2001. And through this partnership, our customers have created a lasting legacy at our national children's hospital by donating millions of dollars. Their generosity helps the amazing team at Starship provide world-class medical care to our precious children. 

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Wonderful stories

Your donations help create a lasting legacy at our national children's hospital and help provide world-class medical care to our precious children. 

OCT eye scanner

Mercury donations fully funded the purchase of Starship's OCT eye scanner, the first of its kind in Australasia. This eye scanner helps doctors to get a more detailed view of the eye, helping children like four year old Amira, pictured here with Starship ophthalmologist Dr Shaun Dai.

Kari Centre refurbishment

Starship’s Kari Centre is a community-based mental health clinic used by around 2,500 young people and their families each year. Mercury and our customers funded the the refurbishment to create a warm, friendly space for families.

10 million thank-yous from the kids at Starship

Parents' fold down beds

Parents' fold down beds

Your donations have bought 200 fold down beds that let parents and caregivers spend the night in the same hospital room as their kids.

Level 5 Playroom

Level 5 Playroom

Thanks to you, the General Paediatrics ward now has a light, bright, modern and well-equipped playroom.

Pre-op area

Pre-op area

Besides creating a welcoming reception and play area for the new operating theatre, our donations have provided private areas for parents and whānau to wait while their kids are in surgery.

Outpatients refurbishment

Outpatients refurbishment

Funded solely by our donations, this $1.4 million project now makes outpatient visits a more comfortable, less stressful experience.

Be Part of the Magic

Every cent of your donation goes to support The Starship Foundation. Around 25,000 Mercury customers donate as little as $2 on their monthly bill. It all adds up.

Combined with our contributions, our customers have donated $10m over the past 18 years. Now that's wonderful!

$10 m donated to starship since 1999



Things We've Done Already

The generosity of our customers has helped to fund projects over the years such as:

A new portable OCT Eye Scanner

the first of its kind in New Zealand, to help young children at risk of vision loss.

Starship National Air Ambulance

a flying intensive care unit to treat critically ill and injured children from all over the country and transport them to Starship Hospital.

Two specialist emergency transport systems

fitted out with life-saving equipment to bring desperately sick babies to Starship from anywhere in the country.

New Zealand's first laser fetoscope machine

to help save the lives of unborn twins affected by Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome.

A Mobile Ear Clinic

providing free ear checks and specialist ear health services to children in the community.

Vital equipment for the Heart Unit

including an echocardiography system to give surgeons 4D images of the heart.

New facilities

for children and staff in the new Medical Specialties and Neuroservices wards (Level 6).

Sprout IV poles

providing a colourful and child friendly alternative to the traditional IV poles.

Colourful murals

to brighten the walls of the wards and make the environment more child friendly.

Four heat tables

to keep vulnerable and premature babies warm.

A waiting room outside the operating theatres

where families can wait close by their child during surgery.

More than 200 dedicated fold-down beds

provided in the rooms for a parent/caregiver to stay with their child in comfort.

New simulation 'Nursing Kid' mannequin

including an introduction course and equipment. 

A specialised sensory play trolley called a ‘Snoezelen’ wagon

which can be taken to the rooms of children unable to leave their beds.

The Kari Centre 

was upgraded and transformed.  

Clown Doctors Programme 

was bringing much needed joy and laughter to Starship children. 

The development of world-class clinical skills training programmes

for clinical teams to train and practice their skills.

Eli's story

Eli spent ten months in Starship's paediatric intensive care unit, far away from most of his family and friends.

We wanted to share a little bit of magic with him so we created a 360
° Virtual Reality experience to make him feel closer to home, from over 600km away. 

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Donate on your monthly bill

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