Turitea wind farm.

Turitea wind farm.

We’re building New Zealand’s largest wind farm.

More wonderful, renewable, Kiwi-made electricity will soon be available for homes, businesses and vehicles throughout the country. It’s all part of our long-term mission to create energy freedom and help build New Zealand’s sustainable, low-emissions future.

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Energy from wind in the Manawatū.

Experience a bird’s-eye view of the Turitea wind farm, located above the Manawatū.

The Tararua Ranges are the ideal place to harness the strong winds that come in from the west, and Mercury has been working with communities in this area for more than 15 years to realise its wind generation potential.

Power will start to flow from Turitea next summer.



The Turitea wind farm is located in the Tararua Ranges near Palmerston North, in the Manawatū-Whanganui region.

The Puketoi Range to the east (past Pahiatua) is the site of another fully consented 53-turbine wind farm. Transmission assets currently being built for Turitea are scaled to also support future generation transmission from Puketoi.

We believe our sites at Turitea and Puketoi represent some of the best consented renewable generation opportunities available in New Zealand, and we’re excited to bring this wonderful energy to homes and businesses across the country.

The wind farm at Turitea, together with the potential development at nearby Puketoi, represent an investment of more than $1 billion. That’s a similar amount to the investment we made during our development of geothermal generation in the decade to 2013.

Tilt Renewables’ Tararua Wind Farm

Watch // How wind energy generation works.

Take a look behind the sleek white surface of a wind turbine and discover the technology it uses to create electricity from the wind’s natural energy.

Wind: Facts and figures.

Wind: Facts and figures.

We're pretty excited about our shiny new turbines! Did you know...

//  that since our original consents were issued in 2011, technology has advanced and turbines are now more efficient and much quieter? We think that's pretty wonderful.

// our Turitea wind farm will be the largest in New Zealand. The turbines on this farm will produce energy that could power 375,000 electric vehicles per year.

//  that when the speed of wind doubles, the energy it produces increases 8-fold.

//  the Turitea wind farm site is believed to be in the top 5% of wind generation sites worldwide.

60 turbines to be installed initially

840 GWh generation per year

125 metres from base to rotor tip


Renewable Energy.



We have 5 geothermal stations across the central North Island. Base-load geothermal runs at full capacity about 95% of the time.

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We have 9 hydro stations on the Waikato River. These stations harness the power of water to generate approximately 10% of NZ's annual energy supply.

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We’ve started building our first wind farm at Turitea (just outside of Palmerston North), as we work towards New Zealand’s even more sustainable future.

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