Meet Paul.
An EV e.revolutionary.


Paul and his EV

Getting behind the wheel of his 2013 Nissan Leaf has made Paul a total convert to electric vehicles. That said, he’s been keeping his eye on the electric revolution for the last few years. “It was clear to me that electric cars are the future, but like any car they can be pretty expensive new”.

So Paul waited and kept his eye on the market. “Loads of good quality Nissan Leaf’s have started coming in from Japan now, and they’re more affordable, so I thought it was time I took the plunge”. And Paul’s not alone. More and more Kiwis are Joining The Electric Revolution with over 21,000 EVs now registered in New Zealand.

And Paul’s happy to count himself among them. So far his electric vehicle experience has been nothing short of wonderful. “I just plug it into the power point in my garage when I get home and I’m good to go in the morning.”

He doesn’t miss spending money at petrol stations. “Paying for petrol was one thing, but I’d always end up buying expensive snacks too”. So electric has been a double bonus for Paul’s wallet.

While Paul loves cruising quietly past the petrol stations he used to depend on, he’s also been pleased to notice more and more electric charging stations popping up. “There’s so many places to charge up now, it’s nice to know they’re never far away.”

Paul is also impressed with the other electric wins his car offers beyond the motor. “All the bells and whistles seem quieter and more luxurious. My favourite feature is the heater timer.” The timer means at 7.30am on a winter’s morning, Paul jumps in his car to find his windows are completely clear. “I love not having to muck around getting ice and condensation off my windshield.”

Another standout for Paul has been the wonderful welcome he’s received from the electric vehicle community. “I’m on some great online forums and the Facebook community is very friendly. Always there to help you out with questions and even lend you a charge cable if you get caught without one.”

As you’ve probably noticed by now, Paul’s a passionate advocate of all things EV, but the biggest kick he gets out of his new electric Leaf is lowering his carbon footprint. “Climate change is going to challenge us all over the coming years. It feels good to be making a difference.”

And Paul is pumped about where the electric vehicle road will lead. “Once you get behind the wheel of an EV there’s no going back. I can see a time when petrol cars will be something we tell our grandkids about.”

We think that sounds like a wonderful future too Paul.


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