Get rewarded with Mercury Go

You asked for an app, and here it is.

Mercury Go makes it even easier to do the important things with just a few quick taps. We'll even reward you for using your own human energy!
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Get started

Make sure you're setup and ready to go with Mercury Go


My Account setup

You'll need to login to Mercury Go using your My Account details. Make sure you're ready to go here.


Download Mercury Go

Visit the App Store, or Google Play to download our app.


Start earning rewards

Log in and take your first challenge to earn Mercury Dollars.

Earn Mercury Dollars

Complete challenges, and refer friends to Mercury, and you'll earn Mercury Dollars or rewards like competition entries. Each Mercury Dollar = 1 New Zealand Dollar, or 1 Airpoints Dollar™ - Wonderful!

Invite your friends to join Mercury and we'll reward you both. 50 Mercury Dollars for you when they join, and a $50 join credit for them. The more friends who join, the more rewards you'll earn.

We'll reward you for getting active. Take a step challenge and earn Mercury Dollars when you complete it.

My Account, on the go

Now you can easily access all the important things while you're on the move. 
Check your balance

Check your balance

Check your latest Mercury account balance and due date on the go. 
Pay your bill

Pay your bill

From the app, click to pay your bill and update your details in My Account whenever you need to. 
Monitor your usage

Monitor your usage

Get quick and easy access to your usage info to keep an eye on your energy usage and get helpful tips and tricks on how you can save. 

Raise your virtual lake level

Your virtual lake is like a pocket version of the way we capture and store water in Lake Taupo, converting it into 100% renewable energy once it’s travelled down the mighty Waikato river through one of our hydro generation stations.

Complete a few challenges and watch your lake level rise!



Every time you accept and complete challenges your virtual lake level will rise.

You can keep adding to your lake level with each new challenge you complete or spend your Mercury Dollars as you go.

When you're ready, choose to spend your Mercury Dollars on your Mercury bill or exchange them for Airpoints Dollars™. Wonderful!


Got questions? We've got answers.

What does Mercury Go do?

Mercury Go lets you earn and spend Mercury Dollars (see above for more details). You can also pay your Mercury bill through the app.

How can I get the app?

If you're a Mercury customer you just need to search Mercury Go in your app store, the Apple app store if you use an iPhone or the Google play app store if your phone is Android. If you're not already a Mercury customer you can join here and then use the app once you've become a customer.

How do I earn Mercury Dollars?

You earn Mercury Dollars by accepting and completing challenges. New challenges will be loaded into the Earn section of the app and will tell you how much you'll earn for completing each one.

How do I spend Mercury Dollars?

Once you've earned Mercury Dollars you can spend them in the Spend section of the app by redeeming for Airpoints Dollars™ or as credit on your Mercury bill. You can choose how many Mercury Dollars you'd like to spend by dragging the spend lever down to adjust your balance.

Why do you need permission for my Google account on Android?

Your Google Fit data is tied to your Google account (not your phone) so giving the app permission to your Google account means it can record your step count to the right place.