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Electricity and gas prices vary from region to region, and sometimes from home to home - depending on your meter type.

Find out more about what makes up your energy bill further down the page or choose to get pricing below if you're keen to find out about pricing for your home.


What's in an electricity bill?

Energy 50%

The cost of generating and providing the electricity you use. Mercury works out this part of your bill.

Transmission 9%

The cost of moving electricity over Transpower's National Grid between power stations and local lines. Your lines company tells us the cost.

GST 13%*

Just like buying groceries, GST applies to all parts of your bill.

Distribution 22%

The cost of moving electricity over from your local lines company to your property. Your lines company tells us this cost.

Metering 5%

The cost from companies that own, maintain and read electricity meters.

Other less than 1%

This covers the Electricity Authority Levy. The Electricity Authority is responsible for the operation of the electricity market.

*We add GST as a separate line item to your bill. GST makes up 13% of the total bill price which includes GST.

Any Prompt Payment Discount is shown as a separate line item on your bill and is deducted from your total bill price, subject to you paying on time.