Got a question about power outages?

Got a question about power outages?

You might find the answer below. But if you can't find what you're looking for, let us help you. We've got dedicated teams for all your enquiries and we're always happy to help.

Outages FAQs


Who to call:

// Auckland (All areas)
0508 832 867 (0508 VECTOR)

// Northpower
09 430 1800

// Top Energy
0800 867 763

// WEL Networks
0800 800 935

// The Lines Company
0800 367 328

// Counties Power
0800 100 202

// Westfield Trust (Electricity and gas)
0800 490 004

// All other areas
0800 232 858 (0800 2 FAULTS)

// Gas faults
0800 232 858 (0800 2 FAULTS)

Please note: Mercury cannot log faults or provide updates on faults. Please contact the appropriate number above. 


Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why your power or hot water can go out, so it pays to be prepared. Here are a few pointers:

if there's a weather warning in place charge your phone while you can (and anything else you may need)

// grab a few torches (or candles for mood lighting)

// dig out a thermos or two for keeping boiled water hot

// make sure you can easily access a gas cooker or BBQ for cooking

// plug-in an old school corded phone as these do not need mains power to work


If the power or hot water goes out:

// contact the appropriate faults line - see below for details

// unplug any sensitive appliances or devices; or use a power surge protector

// check on neighbours to ensure they are safe and comfortable (let’s stick together!)

if you have people in your home (or neighbourhood) who rely on electricity for medical purposes, please ensure they are safe. If necessary, please contact your healthcare provider or call 111 in an emergency


Check out your lines company's website for information on known outages.

// Top Energy - Visit their website for news on outages and lines maintenance.

// Northpower - View listed faults and outages on their website.

// Vector network - Check out the Vector outages map on their website (please note: this will not show hot water

// Counties Power - Visit their website to view the outages map.

// Westpower - View a list of planned and unplanned outages on their website.

// Electra - View information on the Electra network status here.

// Powerco - View a list of known faults on their website.

// WEL Network - View a list of known faults on their website.

// Waipa Network - View a list of known faults on their website.



// For EMERGENCIES, please dial emergency services on 111

If there is anyone at the property who relies on electricity for MEDICAL EQUIPMENT please call Mercury on 0800 630 002 to organise an urgent reconnection

//  GLOBUG, our prepay service, may be able to help you reconnect and assist you with paying off your overdue balance.

// Please call GLOBUG on 0800 773 729 or Mercury on 0800 10 18 10. You will not be required to pay your historic electricity debt before your power is reconnected

// Do not try and reconnect the power yourselves, this is very dangerous and may result in serious injury or death. Please treat all installations as live at all times

// Be careful with candles and any other alternative cooking or light sources with open flames 

// Let a family member or friend know you are without power and make alternative arrangements 

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