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There are different costs that make up your monthly electricity bill. This includes Mercury's charges, as well as those from all companies along the electricity supply chain. These companies include generation and retail (us), transmission, distribution and metering. On top of this, there’s charges for GST, levies and other costs from the Government.


Price reviews Each year, all companies along the supply chain review costs and may make changes. When we update your prices based on the costs of providing electricity to you, we’ll always notify you in advance.
Phasing out low user plans The Government, with support from the electricity sector, is currently phasing out the Low Fixed Charge Tariff regulations. This is taking place over a 5-year period, which started on 1 April 2022. View our changes to low user prices FAQ to learn more.
End of contract Your fixed-term contract is coming to an end. Once your contract ends, you’ll move to our no-contract, open-term, everyday prices. We’ll always notify you 30 days in advance with your new prices. 


The Government, with support from the electricity sector, is currently phasing out the Low Fixed Charge Tariff regulations over a 5-year period that started on 1 April 2022. Your low daily fixed charge will increase gradually each year by a maximum of 30 cents. Removing these regulations will create a fairer, more equitable system in the long-term. 


The average household electricity bill contributes towards the following costs.
Source: Electricity Authority
32% Generation Producing the electricity you use.
27% Distribution Building and maintaining the power lines that deliver electricity from the national electricity grid in your local area to your property.
13% Retail The retailer’s operating costs that you're with.
13% GST* New Zealand’s goods and service tax. *GST is 15% of the pre-GST cost and therefore 13% of the GST-inclusive amount.
10.5% Transmission Building and maintaining the national electricity grid which moves electricity around the country.
3.5% Metering Reading and maintaining your electricity meter.
1% Market governance and services Energy efficiency programmes and the operating costs of the organisations who manage and regulate the day-to-day running of New Zealand's electricity market. This includes the Electricity Authority.
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