Tili Mercury's Chatbot


I've got one big goal: to make managing your

Mercury account super easy.

Tili Mercury's Chatbot

Instead of you needing to search our website or give us a call, I’ve got your back. I’ve got the inside scoop on Mercury, our services, and your account, and I’ll serve it up to you in a jiffy. Which is wonderful, because I’m sure you’ve got much better things to do with your time.

And I’m not just a know-it-all. I can take care of some tasks for you too, just by having a chat.

Tili Mercury's Chatbot

I am excited to learn new ways to help all the time! Here are some of the top ways I can assist wonderful customers like you:

• Having trouble with your internet connection? I can talk you through a solution.

• Thinking about fibre? I’ll let you know right away if it’s available for you.

• Feeling out of gas? I can get an LPG bottle heading your way.

• Unsure of your account number or balance? Easy-peasy, I’ve got that info right here.

• Bye-bye bill stress. I can change how you receive your bills and also share all the different ways you can pay.

I can even set up Direct Debit or SmoothPay for you. With these options, your account will be paid on time, like clockwork, without you lifting a finger. Making life easy, that’s my mantra.

So next time you’ve got a question or want to update something on your account, I’m right here. And by “here” I mean down at the bottom of this page.

• Look for the ‘Chat with us’ button at the bottom corner of the Mercury website or app.

• Give it a click, and type in your question. If it’s something I can help with, I’ll jump right in and say ‘Hi’!

• When you’re chatting with me it’s best to ask one question at a time and keep things simple. This helps me understand exactly what you need and give you the best possible help.

There are still a few things I can’t handle, so if I don’t show up right away, it’s because you’re going straight through to one of our customer service agents all around the country. And if any time you’d rather talk to one of my workmates, just type ‘Human’ and I’ll transfer you over.

Tili Mercury's Chatbot
Tili Mercury's Chatbot

I can’t wait to lend a helping hand when you next reach out to Mercury. It’s going to be wonderful!