Free Power Days

Over the last 2 years, Mercury customers have enjoyed more than 200,000 Free Power Days. What a treat!

How would you spend yours?

A Free Power Day is a full 24 hours of free electricity for you to enjoy. Think of the possibilities! Bake all day, host a dinner party or blast the heater while you watch your favourite movies and we’ll pay for the power.

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Warren Johns' Free Power Day

Warren Johns had his Free Power Day booked for 6 June and was up at 12 o’clock that morning to make the most of it.

0005 hours. A washing machine starts its first cycle of woolly jumpers, bedding and tea towels.
0010 hours. A stove switches on, and a pot of pea and ham soup is underway.
0025 hours. On goes a heater for the day. The oven starts up ready for fruit cake baking.

Seven loads of washing. Four cakes baked to share with friends. Two hot baths. One batch of slow cooked lamb shanks simmering in the oven. All of this inside a warm toasty house.

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