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From white-label broadband and managed direct internet access to Tier 1 global internet connectivity, we’ve got the internet service to meet every need of your customers.

Our Network

Our Telco network is built with multiple layers of redundancy at 100G to support Mercury’s diverse range of customers.

With diverse cable operators, the Mercury Telco Network spans across New Zealand, into Australia, USA, and Singapore. We can provide low latency, resilient Layer2 services over our Trans-Tasman network.

  • Service levels of 99.95%
  • Equinix Cloud Exchange Connectivity provides Azure, AWS, Oracle
  • Access to a range of BGP communities, IPv4 and IPv6
  • DDoS protection
  • 24/7 NOC
Mercury Office Network

Layer2 Domestic, Trans-tasman and international services

Secure, private, managed data access underpinned by Third Party's state-of-the-art Optical Transport Networks.
Our Layer2 services comes with the diversity, bandwidth flexibility and service protection to connect your customers operating nationally or internationally.

  • Mercury Wholesale Layer2 services are delivered using MPLS as the underlying transport.
  • Access interface speeds from 1G-100G are supported.
  • Unless a specific path is requested all Layer2 VPN services are configured as resilient with automatic path protection.


  • Ensure your data is secure and in a safe environment by leasing a carrier-grade colocation space in many major datacentres in NZ and overseas to meet any of your customers ICT needs.
  • Colocation and Connectivity are available in datacentres located at major peering points in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the USA. This includes Edgecentres, Exchanges, Equinix and Global Switch.
  • Colocation is available from sizes 1U up to full racks. 24/7 unescorted access or remote hands service by our NOC is available.

IP Transit & Internet

Mercury are continuously extending their Telco Network both domestically and internationally. Today our reach extends from New Zealand to Australia, Asia and the USA.

  • Mercury Wholesale offers a full internet transit service that supports IPv4 and IPv6. Our most popular product is a blended transit plan with bespoke options for international and domestic connectivity. Our IP transit service offers easily scalable bandwidth to increase efficiency and productivity with traffic profile options to suit your requirements.
  • We offer a range of internet plans built on our relationships with many LFC’s including Chorus, Tuatahi, Vital and Enable networks.
  • Dedicated internet available to support your large and white label business customers.