5 Things You Should Know When Moving House In Winter.

To be fair, moving in winter is less than ideal. Besides the chilly temperatures, you've got unpredictable weather and rain to battle.

On top of moving house stress, it's a big 'no thanks' to dealing with challenging weather too. But if you happen to find yourself moving in the middle of a downpour, there are a few handy tricks to dial down the hassle.

Cover Up Your Flooring
Trust us, you'll thank us later. Whether it's your old property or new home, you'll want to protect the flooring from the rainwater and muck that comes along with bad weather. You can sort this a few ways, using carpet offcuts, cardboard, tarpaulins or plastic sheeting. Whatever you choose, don't forget to tape it down securely to avoid any slips. If you want to go the extra mile, keep floor cleaning supplies at the ready to tackle any dirt or rainwater that sneaks in.

Opt For Splash-Proof Packing
Unfortunately, in winter, you can't just throw everything in old boxes and call it a day. A little more thought should go into packing items for a rainy move, especially things like books, clothes, and electronics that water could damage. Get advice on sturdy boxes from your moving company, or see if they rent out reusable plastic containers. If you opt for cardboard, seal your boxes up tight with tape—don't leave any cracks exposed to the elements. When it comes to furniture, take note of more delicate items (sofas, beds, chairs) and arrange appropriate coverings to protect them.

Get Your Gas and Electricity Sorted ASAP
There's nothing more annoying than gearing up for moving day, only to realise you forgot to switch over or set up gas and electricity. If the weather turns to custard, we bet you'll want to crank the heater and tumble dryer from the start. Luckily, it only takes a few minutes to move with Mercury, whether you're a new or existing customer. And you might even score a sweet moving offer alongside it! Don't leave yourself shivering on moving day—get your gas and electricity sorted here.

Budget For Extra Time
Moving is a slow process and can easily take longer than expected on a good day. Add to the mix a dose of winter weather, and you can almost guarantee you'll run behind schedule. Be realistic about delays when organising moving companies or mates to help out—bad weather brings bonuses like extra traffic and unforeseen mishaps. You'll also want to get going right as the sun comes up to avoid moving late into the night.

Beef Out Your Essentials Box
We've talked about the value of packing an essentials kit before to save you from digging through boxes on moving day. Your list should include a phone charger, basic toiletries, important medications, a change of clothes, etc. Beef this out with cosy jumpers and socks, extra blankets, a kettle, and a hot water bottle in winter.

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