Meet The Trio Taking On Electric
Motorbikes And Mopeds.


Paula goes the e.route

Meet the trio behind FTN Motion, the Wellington startup breaking the norm on transport with minimalistic, classic styled electric motorbikes and mopeds.

In 2014 Luke and Kendall, two of the founders of FTN Motion, returned from an epic walk, completely unaware that it would lead to a very ‘beautiful’ idea. “We had just walked the length of NZ along the Te Araroa trail. When we returned to city-based life, the contrast was…well, shocking: traffic jams, hours of commuting each day to our respective jobs as engineers, endless carbon emissions, noise and stress. Pretty soon after that we started working on an alternative way to commute, tinkering on prototypes for electric bikes in our garage, in any spare hour we could get.”

Their first models were pushbikes with strapped on batteries. Then Covid hit. Ironically, it gave them the time and space they needed to take a massive leap forward with their design. By 2020 Luke and Kendall had completed their prototype of the Streetdog – a moped class electric vehicle with a weight of just 62kg and a top speed of 50 km/hr. It was soon after this auspicious moment that their 3rd member Saskia joined the business. This international marketing expert and brand builder had lived for a number of years in Amsterdam, where emission-free commuting and cycling was a way of life, so FTN Motion and its dream was right up her street.

As the team explain, the timing of their business couldn’t have been better. “Our Streetdog is tapping into the zeitgeist of modern mobility. World-wide, public consciousness and governments’ policies are shifting in favour of electric transport. On top of that, we believe that a commute free of noise and pollution is good for us as people, and undeniably good for the planet as a whole.”

Against this fast-electrifying landscape, the trio believe their company offers a real point of difference – emphasis on design. The Streetdog is very much a reflection of the Kiwi way of doing things: laid-back, minimalist and uncomplicated. As they so succinctly put it, “It’s all the things you need and nothing you don’t.”

The team have also prioritised functionality in the design of the Streetdog. For a bike that is so sleek looking, it’s quite incredible that the body integrates 30 litres of multipurpose storage. Plus, with a 100km range, it’s perfect for the daily commute or weekend jaunts exploring the great outdoors. Better still it doesn’t require a separate motorcycle license, so anyone wanting to Join The Electric Revolution, can just take the leap, and look good doing it.

With the global focus on electric mobility, FTN Motion look set to blaze a trail. “The Streetdog is our 2 cents towards convincing more people to go electric. We wanted to build a bike that our customers love riding around, not only because it’s electric, but because it really looks good.”

Sleek, minimalist, good-looking and electric…. we think FTN have built something special. We hope to see their creation in full production, opening the world’s eyes to the possibilities of electric power.

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