Turitea wind farm

Wind farms - we're big fans.

With the addition of wind generation, we become one of a few companies worldwide, and the only one in New Zealand with the "awesome foursome" of renewable energy - wind, geothermal, hydro and solar. It's all part of our long-term mission to create energy freedom.
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Breaking ground

We're looking forward to breaking ground on our renewable wind generation site at Turitea - work begins in August 2019 and is due to start operating from late 2020.

Why now? Advances in turbine technology and greater certainty around energy demand means that now is the right time. 

With Mercury already supplying around 17% of New Zealand's energy needs (all through renewable generation sources), adding wind generation to the mix means we can further contribute towards New Zealand's move to a more sustainable, low carbon future.

Where is the Turitea wind farm?

The Turitea wind farm site is located in the Tararua Ranges near Palmerston North, in the Manawatu-Wanganui region.  Mercury was pleased to have been selected by Palmerston North City Council in 2005 to develop on the site at Turitea, particularly as several member of our leadership team including our Chief Executive Fraser Whineray, and many others at Mercury, have ties with the region.

// Turitea Reserve

We’re experienced with the management of natural resources here at Mercury, and take an ultra long-term view of what that means. We’re committed to mitigating the impact of wind farm activity, and playing our part in efforts to enhance the Turitea Reserve, a recognised ecological asset in the vicinity of the wind farm.

// We love local

Palmerston North and the surrounding areas will see a boost to the economy through Mercury’s new Turitea wind farm. Locals will see more jobs created in the region, and those working on the project will be spending in the local community and enjoying local sites and activities.

Our journey to Turitea

This journey started 15 years ago when we committed to a strategy of adding wind generation to our portfolio of renewable generation assets. Here are some of the key milestones along the way.


Agreement is signed to commence works on the first 33 turbines.


Good news is in from the monitoring efforts and we start talking to locals, council, and iwi.


The Board of Inquiry grants consents for a 60 turbine project at Turitea.


Wind monitoring equipment is installed at the location to assess viability.


The Board of Inquiry begins its hearing on the consent application. 


Mercury creates a wind strategy and 12 months later, establishes a wind team.

Wind: Facts and figures

We're pretty excited about our shiny new turbines! Did you know...

//  that since our original consents were issued in 2011, Vestas has advanced its technology and turbines are now more efficient and much quieter? We think that's pretty wonderful.

//  our Turitea wind farm will be New Zealand's 3rd largest wind farm and our turbines will produce enough energy to power 210,000 electric cars per year!

//  that when the speed of wind doubles, the energy it produces increases 8-fold.

//  the Turitea wind farm site is believed to be in the top 5% of wind generation sites worldwide.

33 turbines to be installed initially

470 GWh generation per year

125 metres from base to rotor tip


The awesome foursome

With the addition of our Turitea wind farm, we'll soon be the only energy company in New Zealand with the awesome foursome of renewable energy.


We're looking forward to bringing wind generation at the Turitea wind farm into the mix as we work towards New Zealand's low carbon future.


We have 5 geothermal stations through the central North Island. Base-load geothermal runs at full capacity about 95% of the time.

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We have 9 hydro stations on the Waikato River. These stations are powered by water and output can be changed quickly and efficiently.

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Mercury's solar farm and R+D Centre sits on the site of the former gas-fired Southdown power station to help us learn more about this energy source.

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