Our Climate Transition Action Plan targets reaching a 70% reduction of our Scope 1 emissions intensity (measured in kgCO2e/kWh) by 2030. Our carbon re-injection trial at Ngā Tamariki, is supporting this goal with a project team committed to reducing our emissions and re-injecting all of the NCG’s (non-condensable gasses) from all four generating units.
So far, the trial has been successful meaning that about 25% of Ngā Tamariki’s overall emissions have been re-injected (or all NCG’s from one generating unit).
We’re working with GNS (Geological and Nuclear Sciences) and Auckland University, to study the interaction between NCG’s and rock. This is because while globally re-injection is happening already, each geothermal field is unique in its characteristics (even locally) and it’s important for us to understand what impacts reinjection will have on each reservoir– making sure that it is sustainable and there is no long-term impact on the whenua [land].
You can read more about carbon re-injection happening in Aotearoa here.