If you’re able to, working from home (WFH) has its benefits. Besides being able to spend your entire day in a tracksuit, you can easily tick off tasks without the typical office distractions. What’s more, you can replace your morning commute with a yoga session and even save on lunches and parking.

If you're still stuck on the couch with a laptop in hand, this one’s for you. Whether it’s choosing energy-efficient equipment, or taking scheduled breaks, here are five easy ways to level up your WFH life with minimal effort.

1. Nail The Efficient Office Set Up
When it comes to maxing out the efficiency of your home office space, a few simple steps can help you save both energy and money. A quick fix is to simply use your laptop over a desktop computer since they require less electricity to run and are more energy efficient than desktops (PCs).

If you're working remotely for the long haul, you’ll want to apply the same school of thought to the rest of your office setup. Consider choosing an energy-efficient printer, copier, scanner, or fax machine, and wave goodbye to unnecessary energy use in your home office. Wondering where to start? Opt for ENERGY STAR® certified equipment—these tend to be made with the latest technology and therefore use less electricity than your standard equipment. Plus, if you happen to be remote working because of the lockdown, office gear is considered an essential item and can be ordered online.

2. Block Out Time For You
It can be easy to let your work and home life overlap when we’re doing it all from home. Our advice? Make it a priority to recharge and block out an hour of power—or even just 15 minutes—for yourself. Whether it’s a morning coffee ritual, a lunchtime walk, or a 3 pm mindfulness break, make a point to get away from your computer and give yourself the chance to hit reset.

3. Skip The Standby
Here’s the thing, even when they’re not in use, there’s a tonne of devices and appliances around your home that still draw power in standby mode. We’re talking about TVs, game consoles, computers, printers, chargers, whiteware, and much more. But luckily the fix is simple, just switch these electronics off at the wall when they’re not in use. It may take some time to build the habit, but in the long run, you’ll avoid paying for wasted energy.

4. Indulge In Some Vitamin D
It’s a known fact that sunlight is just good for you. But when it comes to working, it’s even more important because lighting can totally change how productive you feel. The research tells us that plain old sunlight is best for a day of work, helping you to feel alert, and improving both your mood and energy. On the flip side, fluorescent lighting that’s too warm can make you feel drowsy and tired, so save this for towards the end of the day.

5. Create A Power Down Ritual
To help switch between work mode and my time, why not spend the last ten minutes of each day doing a power-down ritual? Review your to-do list and check over your calendar for the next day, so that you’re feeling confident of everything work-wise. Give your office space a quick tidy—put the dirty coffee cups in the dishwasher or vacate the dining table if that’s your domain. Finally, switch off—literally and figuratively. Switch off any computers, message notifications, appliances, or harsh lighting, and let this signal the start of the evening.


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