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Charge up, pack some snacks, strap on your helmet, and let’s hit the trails. Make the most of summer by taking your for a thrilling spin on these incredible North Island day rides. These trails are a perfect match for e.bikes, adding an extra layer of excitement to your journey. Before you head out, don’t forget to check the official trail websites for the latest updates.


Waikato River Trails, Waikato

Did you know we generate 100% renewable energy from the Waikato River? Our nine hydro plants along New Zealand’s longest river generate about 10% of New Zealand’s energy. Now, picture yourself cruising along the scenic Waikato River on the fantastic Waikato River Trails. Our top pick? The ride between Mangakino and Whakamaru. You'll find easy parking and a café at each end, making it a breeze. This route offers mostly gentle terrain with just a few challenging sections, but your will handle them like a pro. Oh, and don't forget the 70-meter suspension bridge – It’s not something you do every day and you’ll get amazing views of the Waikato River! For more options and details, check out their website at


Great Lakes Trail, Waikato

Lake Taupō, the source of the Waikato River and hugely important to our generation of 100% renewable energy. Take in the breathtaking beauty of Lake Taupō and its surroundings. Begin your adventure in the lakeside village of Kinloch, the perfect base for half-day and full-day rides. We highly recommend the Otaketake section combined with the W2K track for a spectacular loop ride. Pro tip: Ride anti-clockwise for jaw-dropping lake reveals and a thrilling downhill experience.


Hauraki River Trail, Waikato

Although this trail stretches a total of 173km, don't be overwhelmed – it's divided into five manageable sections. We recommend a return trip from Waikino into the narrows of Karangahake Gorge (part of Section C). Kickstart your day with coffee at Waikino Station Café, explore the remains of the Victoria Battery, and bring a torch to guide you through the 1,100-meter tunnel. This ride is definitely worthwhile.


Pou Herenga Tai Twin Coast Cycle Trail, Northland

Start your Northland adventure in Kaikohe, the trail's midpoint. From here, it’s an easy and fun ride to either coast. Head west to Horeke, through a tunnel, along winding rivers, under the shade of beautiful native bush, and along a boardwalk to the stunning Hokianga Harbour. If you opt for the eastern route, relish the scenic beauty between Opua in the Bay of Islands and Kawakawa. Take in the estuary views, make a pit stop at Taumarere Railway station, and explore Te Hononga Hudertwasser Park Centre.


Motu Trails, Eastern Bay of Plenty

Take in the vast ocean panoramas along the Dunes Trail from Ōpōtiki to Tirohanga and back. Plan a picnic stop at Hukutaia Beach and enjoy the wetlands and the beach, which is usually scattered with plenty of interesting pieces of driftwood. We don’t recommend swimming as the beach in unpatrolled. But be sure to take a few breaks, soak in the views, and cherish the moments.


Mountains to the Sea, Ngā Ara Tūhono

Our grand finale – the Ohakune Old Coach Road section is a must-ride day trip in the North. It's one of Aotearoa's finest half-day rides, easily accessible and suitable for most riders. Traverse through Tongariro National Park Forest and farmland, all while taking in the epic views of the volcanic plateau. It's a truly spectacular journey.


Happy riding, e.revolutionaries! These are just a taste of the incredible adventures waiting for you with an



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