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The home of renewable energy

100% of our generation comes from renewable sources - hydro and geothermal. This is something we are pretty proud of - the energy we generate is clean and green, which is good for New Zealand. It's a great way for our customers to contribute towards a healthier environment.


Our generation comprises of two complementary fuel sources – hydro and geothermal. Making our generation 100% renewable. 

We have 9 hydro generation stations on the Waikato River. These stations are flexible and rain-fed. Hydro output can be increased or decreased quickly and efficiently.

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We have 5 geothermal generation stations through the central North Island. Steady base-load geothermal runs at full capacity about 95% of the time.

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Lake levels

Lake Taupo has water flowing into it from many sources, but only one river flows out – the Mighty Waikato, New Zealand’s longest river. 

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Water management

Water is vital to our business as it is essential to our 100% renewable generation sources. We carefully manage the Waikato river, home to our hydro dams.

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