Illustration on a yellow background, of a house with solar panels and people in safety vests, with traffic cones.


If you have a solar system, it's important to ensure it's regularly maintained. This will help keep it safe and ensure it continues to power your home for many years to come.


Like a car, service regularly.

We recommend servicing your solar system regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions, typically once every two years. Repairs and servicing should only be carried out by technicians who are suitably qualified, and the service should include:

  • Checking and cleaning your solar panels which ensures all points remain securely fastened and keeps the panels free of excess dust, dirt, and debris.
  •  Inspecting the cooling fan to ensure it is working properly involves checking for signs of dust build-up or signs of malfunction such as noise, vibration, or poor airflow from vents in the system’s housing unit.
  • Cleaning the air intake filter on your inverter is essential to prevent dirt and dust from clogging up fans and cooling systems. 
Inspect battery terminals. Inspecting battery terminals for corrosion, loose connections, or connections showing signs of wear and tear.
Keep heat sources away. Ensuring all heat sources are kept at a safe distance from the battery module and ensure that the module isn’t exposed to moisture or liquids. Objects should not be placed on top of the battery.
Keep an eye on your control panel. Monitoring the control panel for warning messages or error codes that could indicate a problem with the system’s components or potential failure indicators.
Install smoke alarms. Fire and Emergency New Zealand recommend installing a smoke alarm in every bedroom, hallway and living area.
In case of a fault learn how to shutdown your system.

If you suspect a fault, follow the shutdown procedure instructions for your solar equipment. This information will be noted next to your system.

After shutting down your system, get in touch with your installer for additional guidance. In an emergency, such as a potential fire risk, dial 111 for assistance.


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