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Why are my piped gas prices changing?
Over the period that you have enjoyed fixed prices for your piped gas we have seen yearly increases in energy, carbon, transmission and distribution costs.


What’s included in my piped gas charges?
Your charges are made up of different costs to provide piped gas to you. This includes not only our charges, but costs from companies along the supply chain, such as: 

  • The cost of the gas itself.
  • Transmission and distribution costs – the gas transmission network is owned by First Gas Limited. There are 2500km of transmission pipelines and 4800km of gas distribution network across the North Island. This is what gets your piped gas to your property.
  • GST – like most other goods and services, GST is applied to our piped gas charges.
  • Our retail costs – this covers the costs of everything we need to keep things running smoothly – including billing, administration, business charges and a margin component.

I was a Trustpower customer. Is this why you’ve changed my prices?
Your gas pricing isn't changing because we've moved to one brand. When you joined Trustpower your pricing plan included fixed prices for your piped gas, that fixed price period has now ended. Each year, the costs associated with supplying gas to you are reviewed. The wholesale costs of supplying you with piped gas have increased, so we're updating our prices accordingly.


Is New Zealand phasing out piped gas?
The Climate Change Commission provided advice to the New Zealand government on the future of gas in New Zealand in 2021. The government has begun work on a plan to phase out fossil gas use, which includes piped gas and LPG.

The gas industry is currently looking into alternative renewable gas options for the future.


Where does my piped gas come from?
The natural gas that gets piped to your property is sourced from Taranaki. Onshore and offshore wells in the region also produce oil. Natural gas is processed in Taranaki before going into the transmission network where it gets sent throughout the North Island from Whangarei all the way down to Wellington.


What’s a Dual Fuel Discount?
If you have electricity and piped gas with Mercury at the same address (as determined by Electricity and Gas registry data provided to Mercury), we’ll give you a daily Dual Fuel Discount. How good is that! If you are eligible for a Dual Fuel Discount, this will show as a credit in the piped gas charges section on your monthly bill.

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