Learn more about what makes up your broadband charges, why prices are changing and view our range of tools to support you.

Why is my broadband pricing changing?

We're committed to keeping you connected and providing you with great service. Your pricing is made up of different costs to provide broadband to you; this includes not only our retail costs, but charges from our wholesale providers Chorus, Enable, Northpower, and Tuatahi First Fibre. Our broadband prices are adjusting to reflect the increased wholesale charges from these third-party providers, as well as updates to our retail costs.

What’s included in my broadband pricing?

Your broadband pricing is made up of the following charges and costs:

  • Fibre and copper broadband use infrastructure provided by our wholesale providers. For copper (ADSL or VDSL) customers this is Chorus, and for fibre customers there are four local fibre companies that provide this infrastructure for our customers; Chorus, Enable, Northpower, Tuatahi First Fibre .
  • Our retail costs – this covers the costs of everything we need to keep things running smoothly – including billing, administration, business charges and a margin component.
  • The government TDL Levy that Mercury pays and helps finance the development of New Zealand’s telecommunications networks.
  • GST – like most other goods and services, GST is applied to our broadband charges.

I’m on a fixed-term agreement for my broadband. Does the price change apply to me?

Some of our fixed-term agreements have fixed broadband prices for the term of the agreement, and some of them allow for broadband prices to be changed with 30 days' notice. If you've received this price change notification, your pricing is subject to change with 30 days' notice. For more information, please refer to the Offer Terms for your fixed-term agreement and our General Terms.

What’s the Broadband Bundle Discount?

If you have an energy service (power, LPG or piped gas) and broadband with us, you'll get the $15 Broadband Bundle Discount so you can save on your monthly plan. How good is that! If you’re eligible for the Broadband Bundle Discount, it'll be automatically applied to your monthly plan.


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