What is smart charging? Smart charging enables two-way communication between your EV and the grid, enabling your EV to be charged according to grid conditions. During this trial, we’ll be using various grid scenarios to study how this system behaves in different situations.  
What will this involve, and will it impact the way I charge my EV? This trial aims to test smart charging which in future may allow us to optimise the times at which your EV is charged in relation to the electricity grid. You’ll be asked to set your charging preferences, such as when you need your EV charged by via the Mercury Charge app. Once set, you can plug in your EV. We’ll then manage when it is actually charging according to trial conditions and your preferences. 


What will I need to do to qualify for the $50 monthly account credit? To qualify for a monthly $50 account credit, you must use smart charging at least four times per month. During each of these sessions, your EV must be plugged in for at least 2 hours, with a minimum of 5 kWh delivered during the smart charge session (Minimum Requirements). See our full terms and conditions for credit eligibilityFor example, using a standard 3 pin plug, it would typically take around 2-3 hours to reach 5 kWh. You’ll see the number of smart charges completed per month represented as stars on the ‘Charging’ page of the Mercury Charge app. Please note that these stars will be updated the following day after a smart charge is completed.
If I have a second EV, will I get an additional $50 monthly credit as well? Please note that due to the API technology only Tesla models will be compatible for the trial, other makes models will not be able to connect to the Mercury Charge app. Participants with two compatible EVs would have been notified of the following in the onboarding comms.   

If you have more than one Tesla, you’ll receive a $50 account credit for each EV that completes four smart charges per month (provided that the Minimum Requirements are met). Therefore, if each of your EVs completes the required smart charges, you’ll receive a $100 monthly account credit for that month. 
How will the credits appear on my bill? Provided you've completed the required charges (see FAQ above), the account credits will be applied approximately a month after the credit was earned (though this might vary depending on your billing cycle). You'll see the credit on the last page of your bill, where it will be listed as an ‘EV Smart Charge Trial Credit’ with the corresponding month next to it. 


Why will I need to use the Mercury Charge app? The app will enable us test smart charging your EV. You’ll be able to set your charging preferences, such as when you need your EV charged by. If you need your EV sooner, you can override the smart charging function. Remember: to qualify for the $50 monthly credit, you must complete at least 4 smart charges each month, and meet the Minimum Requirements.  
How do I download the Mercury Charge app? In mid-February we sent you an onboarding email containing a download link. Just follow this link to download the app. If you need us to resend the link, get in touch with our team at
What should I do if the Mercury Charge app can’t connect to my vehicle?
  1. Please check that you can log into your vehicle’s app. If you’re unable to, or if your vehicle’s app isn’t working, then the Mercury Charge app won’t work. You’ll need to find out why your vehicle’s app isn’t working and fix this first. Common reasons may include:  
    a. Your vehicle’s app has a technical issue – this will usually sort itself out in an hour or two 
    b. You have changed your username and password and need to login again 
  2. Please check that your vehicle can connect to the internet when plugged in and charging at home. If your vehicle can’t connect – either via WiFi or an onboard cellular connection – then the Mercury Charge app won’t work as expected. 
What should I do if there’s a problem with my trial app? If you have any issues during the trial, please email for support.  


How does the Mercury Charge app connect to my EV? The app connects to your EV in exactly the same way as your EV’s app. The only difference is that the  app will periodically instruct your EV to start or stop charging when plugged in at home. This function is designed to charge your EV according to various trial scenarios. The app does not interact with any other aspect of your EV, and it can only schedule your EV to start and stop charging when you’re at home.
Why doesn’t my EV start charging as soon as I plug it in? This is because the trial is testing smart charging, which enables two-way communication between your EV and the grid. This means rather than charging straight away, your EV will be charged using various grid scenarios to study how this system behaves in different situations. 

This often means that your charging will start sometime during the night, after you plug in. You’ll always receive a notification informing you of the scheduled start time though. If your plans change, and you need your vehicle to start charging immediately, you can press the “START URGENT CHARGE” button within the app. 
What happens if I charge away from home? The Mercury Charge app functions exclusively when you’re charging at home. When not at home, you can continue to charge your EV as usual. 
I have a schedule programmed into my wall charger from my previous tariff – should I remove it? Yes. It’s essential that you remove any previously programmed schedules from your wall charger as these will interfere with the Smart Charge app. 
Can I use more than one EV for this trial? Yes, however due to the API technology only Tesla models will be compatible for the trial. If you have another Tesla, you can add it on the ‘Account’ screen; simply click ‘Add another EV to your home location’ and follow the prompts. 
Does my EV need to be plugged in all the time? Your EV must be plugged in for smart charging and for the session to qualify towards the monthly $50 account credit. If your vehicle is plugged in it does not necessarily mean it’s charging, charging occurs only during the scheduled smart charging period. 
What if I want to use my EV while it’s smart charging? You can simply unplug and use your vehicle as you otherwise would. If there isn’t enough charge for your journey you can choose to override the smart charging session by pressing the “START URGENT CHARGE” button which will start charging your EV immediately. Note, urgent charges won’t be counted towards your 4 monthly smart charges.
How are the charging costs shown in the Mercury Charge app calculated? Your estimated charging costs are based on the rate you pay for electricity (this will vary depending on the tariff you are on) and the amount of charging that takes place whilst you’re at home (the app pairs with your Tesla app and therefore knows the amount of charging that takes place). For example, if you pay a flat rate of $0.25/kWh for your home energy usage and your Tesla is charged 10kWh in one session the estimated cost of that charge will be $2.50. Note, the costs displayed are GST inclusive and prior to any discounts that your plan may include.
What happens if I have different charge schedules set up in the Tesla app and the Mercury Charge app If you have different charging schedules the Tesla app schedule will be overridden by the Mercury Charge app.


What happens if I move or need to be away during the trial period? Moving house or being away for an extended time could disrupt the data we’re collecting. Please let us know if you’re planning to move or will be away for longer than 2 weeks during the trial period. We’ll assess the situation and let you know if you can remain in the trial.
Can I opt out of the trial once it has started? If you’d like to leave the trial at any point, please let our team know at
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Check out our app guide, featuring step-by-step instructions on connecting your EV to the Mercury Charge app and how to track the number of charges you’ve completed to qualify for your monthly account credits!


If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with our team at