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Apply to join our upcoming EV Smart Charge Trial and help shape the future of electric vehicle (EV) charging with us.

We'll be testing a smart charging system that makes way for two-way communication between your EV and the grid, optimising the charging process.


As we progress towards a more electrified future, we’re looking at innovative ways to help manage the load on the national grid and support a countrywide fleet.

One way we're doing this is by testing a system that could help prevent grid overload by syncing charging schedules to off-peak times, maintaining a balance between grid conditions and your EV charging needs.



To take part in this trial you’d need to meet our eligibility criteria. The trial is available for Mercury customers who:

  • apply to register their interest prior to 18 December 2023;
  • are Mercury residential electricity customers between 1 March 2024 and 30 June 2024;
  • own or lease a plug-in electric vehicle;
  • charge their electric vehicle at the residential address where Mercury electricity services are supplied;
  • have a smart meter at their premises and a stable internet connection at their property;
  • remain at the same property and not be away for more than 2 weeks at a time during the Trial Period;
  • own or have day-to-day access to a smart phone that runs on iOS 11 (or later) or Android 5.0 (or later);
  • Have an Apple or Google account and use it for your App account set up and sign in;
  • download and use the Mercury Charge App;
  • provide us with access to the online account associated to a charger or car that allows us to enable smart charging; and
  • agree to provide feedback on their experience through up to 5 surveys and possibly an interview.
  • In addition to the above, agree to our terms and conditions.


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We’d love to have you join us in developing the future of EV charging. If you’re keen to take part and meet the criteria, register below.


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 If you’re selected, all you’ll need to do is set your charging preferences via our app, then plug in your EV as normal, leaving the rest to us! You’ll also be asked to provide feedback on your experience through a number of surveys.

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We’ll apply a $50 credit to your account per month, a total of $200 for the trial. All we ask is that you use smart charging at least 4 times per month, terms and eligibility apply.


Registration for our EV Smart Charge Trial is now closed. If you’ve registered, we’ve been in touch to let you know whether you’ve been accepted into the trial.

Note, the trial dates have been moved to 1 March 2024 to 30 June 2024. If you’ve been accepted into the trial we’ll be in touch mid February with the next steps!


Check out questions around our EV Smart Charge Trial below.
What is the duration of the trial and when does it start?

Our EV Smart Charge trial will start 1 March 2024 and will continue for a duration of four months, ending 31 May 2024 (the Trial Period). If you’re selected to take part, you’ll be notified of the next steps mid-December. 

Please note that the trial has been postponed for a month, and will now start from 1 March 2024, rather than 1 February 2024. This is to allow time for important supplier updates that will enhance the customer experience. 

What is smart charging? Smart charging enables two-way communication between your EV and the grid, this allows for optimising when your EV is charged, according to grid conditions. During this trial, we’ll be using various grid scenarios to study how this system behaves in different situations.
What will this involve, and will it impact the way I charge my EV? This trial aims to test smart charging which in future may allow us to optimise the times at which your EV is charged in relation to the electricity grid. You’ll be asked to set your charging preferences, such as when you need your EV charged by via the Mercury Charge app. Once set, you can plug in your EV. We’ll then manage when it is actually charging according to trial conditions and your preferences. To qualify for a monthly $50 account credit, you must use smart charging at least four times per month. During each of these sessions, your EV must be plugged in for at least 2 hours, with a minimum of 5 kWh delivered during the Smart Charge session (Minimum Requirements). See our full terms and conditions for credit eligibility. We’ll also ask you to provide feedback on your experience through up to 5 surveys. Some participants will also be asked to take part in more in-depth interviews.
Are there any other eligibility requirements for this trial? In addition to the above eligibility criteria, we’ll also be considering other requirements, such as the EV’s make and model, type of charger you use and your location. This is because the API technology we’re using for this trial works best with certain vehicles. Please see our offer terms for more details on eligibility criteria. 
Why will I need to use the Mercury Charge app? The app will enable us test smart charging your EV. You’ll be able to set your charging preferences, such as when you need your EV charged by. If you need your EV sooner, you can override the smart charging function. Though to qualify for the $50 monthly credit, you must complete at least 4 smart charges each month, and meet the Minimum Requirements.
How does the Mercury Charge app connect to my EV? The app connects to your EV in exactly the same way as your EV’s app. The only difference is that the  app will periodically instruct your EV to start or stop charging when plugged in at home. This function is designed to charge your EV according to various trial scenarios. The app does not interact with any other aspect of your EV, and it can only schedule your EV to start and stop charging when you’re at home.
When will I find out if I’ve been selected? We’ll let you know if you've been accepted into the trial by 22 December 2023.
Can I opt out of the trial once it has started? If you’d like to leave the trial at any point, please let our team know on