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Got a question about Solar?

Got a question about Solar?

Have a look below to find the answer to your questions about Mercury Solar.

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Solar - FAQS

With solar panels you can turn sunlight into electricity. This electricity can be used in your home, stored in a battery or exported back to the grid. This export can then be purchased by retailers like Mercury. This is known as distributed generation, import/export, Buy-Back or embedded generation. There are a number of providers across New Zealand, including ChargeSmart, who can talk to you about whether solar is right for you.

ChargeSmart is a locally-owned energy solutions provider with a proven track record in excellent customer care especially with new technology installations, like EV chargers. Mercury sold its solar business to ChargeSmart, effective 1 February 2021.

In terms of experience, nothing should change for you except that from 1 February 2021 it will be a ChargeSmart representative that you talk to and ChargeSmart will look after you going forward. ChargeSmart are committed to supporting you to the same high service standards we always aimed for. In fact, some of our staff have chosen to continue with ChargeSmart so you can also expect consistency of knowledge and expertise! All warranty and service commitments will be honoured by ChargeSmart.

You can continue to call 0800 676 527 (or 09 475 7226 from your mobile). But from 1 February 2021 you’ll reach a ChargeSmart team member. You can also contact them at

From 1 February 2021 you can expect any remaining invoices to come from ChargeSmart. Their payment details will be included on that invoice. The amount will be in line with your original quote, unless you’ve agreed any changes to your install with ChargeSmart.


Importing and Exporting Power

Yes, this won’t change.

Any power exported will be bought off you at the rate agreed between you and Mercury when you signed up to Mercury’s Buy Back rates. Get in touch to confirm your rate.

Available nationwide, with the exception of two networks; Network Waitaki and The Lines Company.

Mercury is required to apply GST to its taxable supplies, in your case this is the electricity Mercury has supplied to you. The electricity that you have generated is considered for tax purposes to be a supply from you to Mercury. GST can only be applied to the value of this if it is a taxable supply under the Goods and Service Tax Act 1985. In most cases this will only be applicable if the supplier is GST registered, and the property and equipment used to generate the electricity are business assets. If you feel this applies to your situation we suggest details be passed on for further review.

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