GEM, New Zealand's favourite power tool.

Take control of your power usage with GEM, the Good Energy Monitor; a clever online tool that gives you a clear picture of how much energy you're using.


GEM features

Track your usage, compare it to similar homes nearby, predict your next bill - and heaps more with GEM!

GEM video library

Find out how Mercury families are using GEM to save power in their homes.

Existing customers

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Help Starship save lives

If your child or a child close to you ever got sick, you'd want to know that they were going to get the best care possible. That's what the wonderful people at Starship dedicate their lives to, and here at Mercury we try to do everything we can to help.

Many hands make light work

Over the years we've helped raise over $5 million for Starship Children's Hospital alongside 30,000 customers who donate on their monthly bill - and we want to make sure that amount keeps growing.

The Level 6 Project

We pledged over $1 million to get the job done and now Level 6 not only offers world-class care to those who need it, it oozes with good energy too.

Experience Good Energy

Here at Mercury we believe that innovation and good energy exist hand-in-hand. From being the first company to power fully electric vehicles, to offering free taxi rides in return for good energy, we're here to enrich NZ life every day.


Powering a fully electric future

We believe in saving more than just power - which is why we offer special discounts on electricity used to power electric vehicles. Say goodbye to fossil fuels, and plug into the fuel of the future for less.


Good Energy Taxi

We think good energy is worth celebrating and wanted to showcase the good stuff people do every day, so we created the world's first taxi powered by the good energy of its passengers. See how far good energy took people in two weeks!