Welcome to Mercury!

Welcome to Mercury!

It's wonderful to have you with us.

We want to help make your switch to Mercury as smooth as possible so here's some key information about the changes to your Bosco account.

Good to know.

Good to know.


Bosco bonds are a one-off cost you paid when you joined. When you switch from Bosco to Mercury, we’ll transfer your $95 bond over to Mercury. Your bond can be refunded after one year of prompt payment from the date you joined Bosco; or if you leave Bosco or Mercury, provided we haven't used your bond to pay off any unpaid amounts.


Your new Mercury Terms and Conditions.

Once your switch to Mercury is complete, Mercury’s standard terms and conditions will apply. After you’re switched over, by remaining with Mercury, we'll take this as confirmation you agree to the terms and conditions.

Your previous Terms & Conditions with Bosco can be found here.

Need power for medical reasons?

Are you or someone you’re living with dependent on power for medical support? Or are you vulnerable for health, age, disability or financial reasons? It’s important you let us know by completing the form here.


Outstanding Bosco debt.

If you have any Bosco debt outstanding when you switch to Mercury, this debt will remain with Bosco and you'll need to pay that debt to Bosco, unless they let you know otherwise.

<h2>What do my new rates include?</h2>

What do my new rates include?

You can check out our break down of what your new electricity bill with Mercury is made up of here.

Mercury’s rates exclude GST and are before any Prompt Payment Discount as well as any other additional discounts. These rates include all transmission, distribution, metering costs and the Electricity Authority Levy.


We can better serve you under Mercury. We want you to have access to the same benefits that all our customers enjoy – like Free Power Days, an awesome app and much more.

We’ve got you sorted - we’ll move this over to your Mercury account.

Yes, these will change to Mercury’s terms and conditions from the date you switch to Mercury. These can be found at mercury.co.nz/terms

We'll take care of everything. The only thing we may need from you is for you to update your payment details when you get your first bill with Mercury, unless you’re on direct debit, which will be moved across along with your other account details.

Any Bosco bills need to be paid with your current Bosco payment details.

If you pay by direct debit, your direct debit will be moved across along with your other account details and you won't need to do anything.

If you’re paying online, you’ll need to update your internet banking details with your new customer account and Mercury bank account, which you can find here and on all NZ bank sites.

Other payments: You’ll need to update your payment details to Mercury’s for the bills you receive from Mercury. All the payment options can be found here.